Cuba’s Prestige Pains its Enemies

By Elio Delgado Legon

HAVANA TIMES – The news has already traveled across the globe: Cuba already has a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, and clinical trials began on Monday August 24th. It is a great feat for a small underdeveloped country, there’s no doubt about that, especially as it has been suffering an economic, commercial and financial blockade for almost 60 years. Its enemies can’t deal with that, it’s like twisting a knife in their heart.

They have been trying to stain Cuba’s international reputation for a long time now, more specifically, attacking the field where our country has won great prestige: the health sector.

They have accused us of practicing modern slavery with our doctors and human trafficking; however, Cuban doctors are proud to carry Cuba’s name and our healthcare to the most remote corners of the Earth, where they save thousands of lives, which is something that makes them loved and admired by these people and their governments.

Everybody knows that the US has gone out of its way to convince many governments not to accept Cuban medical aid; yet, 39 countries have already requested and received the assistance to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. This involves over 3,700 doctors, nurses and health technicians, belonging to the Henry Reeve Contingent, which specializes in providing aid in disaster situations and severe pandemics.

If we add to this number the almost 30,000 health mission workers who were working in 58 countries, we are talking about a real army of white coats saving human lives, which has boosted Cuba’s prestige across the globe.

But let’s get back to the beginning of this article.  When Cuban TV announced on TV show Mesa Redonda, on August 20th, that scientists who have managed to manufacture a vaccine in record time, would then be taken to clinical trials, Google closed the show’s YouTube account, as well as Cubavision Internacional and Granma newspaper’s YouTube accounts, to stop the world from learning about Cuban science’s great achievement.

Where is this freedom of press that imperialists hail so much? When it comes to hurting Cuba, they don’t even believe in their own postulates. Google’s administration tried to explain this off as “because it infringes export laws.” Now, I have to ask again: what does the free-flow of information online have to do with the blockade which is supposedly economic, commercial and financial? Maybe we also have to add informative, as the Empire doesn’t want Cuba’s truth to be known by the world, so it continues to believe their lies.

The US has pressured Bolivia’s de facto government into suspending Cuban medical collaboration, and it did the same thing with Brazil and with Ecuador, and the only people to suffer are your ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry in these countries, who don’t have health systems that are unable to cover their medical needs.

However, reality is plain for all to see, even if it does pain our enemies, Cuba has the Soberana01 vaccine – to fight the virus that leads to COVID-19, which has killed so many all over the world, already in clinical trial. Plus, Cuba has the means to produce it en masse, which will enable us to vaccinate our people and help other counties free themselves of this plague.

15 thoughts on “Cuba’s Prestige Pains its Enemies

  • Cuba’s truth from Elio is funny.

    Have real elections switch to democracy and free speech.
    1 party communist regimes have no merit never will.

  • Nick, you omit noting that Cuba by “exporting medical expertise” is simultaneously promoting communism. It is not for naught that medical students in Cuba have to attend compulsory classes in Marx/Engels/Lenin teachings.
    As for weapons or products used in torture or executions, the communist world does not require advice or guidance upon the practice of either.
    If Nick, by declaring that Elio’s views are as acceptable as mine, followed by declaring that “Conservatism and Communism both have their flaws” you hope to persuade that you have unbiased ‘balance’, you fail, for your views are crystal clear that you are virulently opposed to capitalism.
    As for the alternative…..?

  • As laughable as his articles are, it’s good to hear from Elio every once in a while to take the temperature of the Castro dictatorship’s last days. It’s curious how both the Russians and the Cubans have “discovered” a vaccine at the same time, yet the supporting evidence for the efficacy of the vaccine remains unpublished for the world to validate. These public announcements are obviously intended for internal public consumption. By the way, does Elio know that nearly 25% of the Cuban medical staff that went on mission to Brazil did not return to Cuba?

  • Some countries earn revenue from exporting weapons and products used in torture or executions. Cuba earns revenue through exporting medical expertise. I know which I would find to be preferable regardless of Mr MacD constantly pointing out the flaws.
    As I have said Mr MacD, you make some very valid points on a variety of matters. I don’t dispute this.
    Elio’s opposing views are just as valid.
    They provide a counterbalance. A counterbalance that I am always pleased to see. I would suggest that Conservatism and Communism both have their flaws.
    My point is that it is preferable to read both sides of the argument in HT.
    Now that’s not a complicated point.

  • Oh Nick, your memory is short! You obviously do not recall my praise of Cuban medical staff, both nurses and doctors, and my admiration for the services that they provide despite the conditions under which they have to work.
    I have written in these pages of the medical attention I have personally received in Cuba, and of the missing door handles, broken windows, lack of drugs that doctors would like to prescribe,
    and difficulty in maintaining sanitary conditions. I have also mentioned that I have family members who have served in the so-called Cuban medical brigades in contracting countries.
    I understand your desire to support Elio, but do not denigrate my view of the medical fraternity of Cuba, for doing so is to fail to acknowledge the talents I have described.
    Yes, I am a critic of the working conditions, but they and the shortage of drugs, are due to the Castro regime. I am also critical of the propaganda blarney about how Cuban medical brigades are saving the world – as if donating, when their actual function is to supply the Castro coffers with revenue.

  • Your views are perfectly valid Mr MacD. You often make good points.
    Elio’s views are clearly very different. For example, Elio will talk up Cuba’s medical and healthcare achievements and outcomes and you will talk them down.
    It is unlikely that either of you will change your viewpoints on these or other matters. You counterbalance each other.
    That’s the way it is.
    Regardless of how often you attempt to present it differently. And regardless of how you choose to put down the views of those who disagree with you.

  • It is not without reason that the word ‘balance’ requires one of the longest definitions to be found in the English dictionary. Claims to be ‘balanced’ are of less than dubious merit.

    For example, to claim that support for totalitarian views as compared with capitalistic ones, or the reverse, cannot be claimed as ‘balanced’.

    As one who favours the freedoms of the capitalist world as compared with totalitarian dictatorship, I do not consider my view to be one of balance. The scales are far too obviously tipped in favour of the former, if individual freedom has significance.

    On the other hand there are those who claim, that by denigrating the capitalist world and moderating communism by promoting socialism, they are demonstrating balance, Such claims are obviously trite and bogus.

    It is doubtful whether Elio would appreciate being described as counter anything – Elio is always for the benefits as he sees them of totalitarian rule – he knows not the benefits of an alternative regarding then as counter-revolutionary. The Communist Party of Cuba can be proud of him representing the views of its tiny membership.

  • Mr Circles,
    I entirely respect the relatively neutral stance of yourself and HT and appreciate the difficulties you mention. If I come across anyone who would like to contribute, I will let you know.
    In the meantime, long may Elio continue to provide his prestige-lending counterbalance albeit not as often as previously (which I understand to be completely his choice – perhaps influenced by health reasons).

  • Nick, let me mention that from the beginning of Havana Times I offered space to a number of Cuban pro-government journalists and Elio, who I had personally known for a good while, was the only one who excepted. The reality is that as an editor I can’t force them to write in a publication where they might be accused of guilt by association, one of the many crimes that can turn someone into being considered a contra or traitor. So, if you have any suggestions of people who would help create the “balance” you would like to see, please let me know and I will contact them.

  • It’s always wonderful to see another article from Elio. Especially as these articles are becoming rarer.
    I believe that the Havana Times remit of a neutral stance gives itself a large degree of prestige as an online media outlet. Particularly in a Cuban context.

    Sometimes though, it seems a touch one sided both in terms of articles and comments. Many articles and comments have a clear political agenda which is way less than balanced.
    In fact if an alien came down from another planet and read some of the articles and comments that see light of day in HT, they could be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that the type of capitalism promoted therein is an example of some kind of systemic perfection. Rather than a deeply unfair, corrupt and flawed system in need of serious upgrading and a whole-scale deep clean from top to bottom.

    Now Elio’s comments are not balanced either – but they do put across an entirely opposite point of view to those which I have mentioned.
    And this opposite point of view brings some kind of balance which would perhaps give the aforementioned aliens a bit more food for thought – something different to ponder upon.
    The balance that Elio’s articles deliver clearly helps Havana Times toward its stated remit of neutrality therefore bringing HT yet further prestige.

    Well done Elio.

  • Can anyone put faith in a propaganda machine that announces pie in the sky news that even the ordinary Cuban on the street will not believe because they have been dealt perpetual propaganda pledges for over 60 years.

    As Carlyle states if the Cuban health care system has successfully developed a viable vaccine to arrest COVID-19 why hasn’t the Cuban authorities invited the WHO organization to Cuba to announce such good global pandemic news to the world.

    Would such news not elevate even more Cuba’s standing in the world? Would such news not make Cuba the leader if not the epicenter in medical medicine research globally? Wouldn’t medical scientist from around the world descend on Cuba and work together with their Cuban counterparts to benefit the entire globe? Has the Cuban health care Ministry invited global epidemic scientists from around the world to inform them and witness their scientific breakthrough? You would think?

    Why does the world not hear any of that? Why is the entire world not cognizant of such innovative ideas? The Canadian broadcasting system (CBC) is a pretty balanced news organization not prone to extremes in providing balanced news about all aspects of global medical importance.

    The CBC reported that Russia – a communist country – was working on a vaccine and may have one ready but it needs to go to human trials. That is honest reporting. Similar in Britain – a capitalist country, I believe, their medical system may also be on the brink of a vaccine breakthrough. This is all public knowledge which can be verified and is factual. The CBC has not, to my knowledge, reported about Cuba’s fantastic pandemic purge.

    According to Elio the major news givers on social media such as YouTube consciously want “…to stop the world from learning about Cuban science’s great achievement.” Really? Well, try the CBC? We Canadians are open minded and can judge “great achievement” from outright professional propaganda.

    Whatever Cuba reports and tells (propagandizes) to its people is extremely suspect at best. Sure Cuban doctors, as dictated by the state, venture to different countries to provide medical services because the totalitarian government is paid handsomely and the doctors are obligated to do as they are told. As Elio stated they do a wondrous humanitarian service and they are to be commended for that. But it is also factual, some doctors do not do as they are told and never return to their native country and feel being free from the shackles and servitude of a communist state as a blessing.

    As Elio writes, “Cuba has the means to produce it en masse, which will enable us to vaccinate our people and help other counties (sic) (I think he meant countries) free themselves of this plague.”

    We are all waiting in anticipation for that medical miracle to occur. If it does great. In the meanwhile, your Cuban people have little faith in whatever the Cuban government dishes out to them because their 60 odd years of waiting in anticipation for miracle cures, or just about anything miracle, be it economic or medical, always ends up for not. Isn’t that a provable fact?

    History does repeat itself.

  • Believe Elio when Cuba has a vaccine that has been tested at international standards and proven effective.

    Mesa Redondo and the smarmy ingratiating hand-wringing host Randy Alonso Falcon, along with Cuba Debate, are but the media mouthpieces for the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba.

    But, Elio is correct in describing Cuba as “a small underdeveloped country” It will remain so as long as it is held in the vicious grip of the Stalinist Castro regime. Only when it has gone and Cubans are able to use their individual talents and abilities, will Cuba prosper.

    Cuba’s “army of white coats saving human lives” is the largest contributor to the Cuban economy – a successful capitalist style operation.

  • Yup. The longer dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere. Prestige.

  • Oh yes , the prestige, remember PPG, LOL!!!!

  • ima going to pee myself. Cuba’s prestige

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