Future Revolutions

Elio Delgado Legon

I am with the Revolution.

HAVANA TIMES — Over four years ago, I wrote an article which was published on Havana Times under the heading “Peaceful revolution will prevail.” In that article, I took it as a given that when people experience the great benefits that a revolution brings them, or even just a left-wing government, which is more concerned about the poor than the capitalists, that they would never again be cheated and swayed by international Capitalism’s siren song.

I must admit that I was wrong, I underestimated Imperialism’s power and its ability to buy consciences and fund great media campaigns and wage financial wars to make people who choose a socialist Revolution suffer, to later say that this suffering is a result of Socialism’s inefficiency.

Over the last 60 years in history, the Empire (United States) has used the most wide-ranging means to make sure governments in other countries agree with their global interests. From the political assasination of progressive leaders, to bloody coup d’etats which impose fascist-like dictatorships which have murdered, tortured and made hundreds of thousands of people disappear. Let’s remind ourselves of Operation Condor in Latin America, which has been written about, but maybe not as much as it should be.

I’m certain that the majority of the US people didn’t know what this macabre plan involved, as censorship doesn’t allow the truth to be known when this goes against the system by revealing its abuses.

In recent years, the US has resorted to other means, which are maybe not so brutal as fascist dictatorships, but are still cruel to the people who need and defend their freedom to choose their own wellbeing.

In the near future, the struggle will become a battle of ideas where people will have to become more aware and radical in their actions; however, it will be a difficult battle because of the aforementioned. If the Right were to play fairly right now, it could rarely defeat the Left, as neoliberalism has already given signs of its exhaustion and failure, although the US insists on putting it into practise because they don’t have any other plan.

In the long run, the revival of Fascism is what’s on the cards, because Imperialism is already running out of ways to keep them subjugated. The battle of ideas will have to be sustained as an ideological support so that people won’t be so easily deceived, but it won’t be enough. Revolutions cost blood and they will have to be forcefully created.

For the record, I’m not in favor of violence, but while Imperialism exists, I don’t see the chances of getting what people need and deserve in a peaceful way. Today’s generations might not be able to see the new context we find ourselves in, in a world sunk in irreversible climatic change which is the result of Capitalism’s debauchery and thirst for profits, which doesn’t care about our future generations’ suffering.

Amid these conditions and maybe with the water and oil shortages, future revolutions will come to be.

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  • January 13, 2017 at 1:30 am

    No I don’t. So according to your thought process then all oil business is the source of capitalism and therefor capitalism is the cause of climate change???? That is warped logic.

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