Looking Back on the Year in Cuba

Elio Delgado Legon

Happy New Year. Foto: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES– When New Year’s comes along, most human beings think back and draw a balance about their experiences and future plans. The young make long term plans, while those who are no longer so young, like myself, can only make plans for the shorter term, as our options begin to run out, like in a game of chess.

A person’s life, see, is very similar to that thinking person’s game: when it opens, we have many possibilities and options ahead of us, and the outcome depends on the attitude we assume before each situation. In other words, the move we make in response to what life deals us will determine the subsequent course of our existence.

After looking back on this year that ends, I’ve come to the conclusion that, when the game opened, in my youth, I made several correct decisions that changed the course of my life. For instance, faced with the option of working with my father in the countryside, as many of my contemporaries did, I decided to continue studying and to look for work in the city, the kind of job that would allow me to study and work at the same time. Though I didn’t earn enough to support my family, I always had my parents’ support.

This decision had important consequences for my life.

Another crossroads I faced – connected, to some extent, to the previous – had to do with politics. There, I had three options: to support Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship and become an accomplice of a regime that was murdering thousands of young people, to keep away from politics and take no side, which, to a certain extent, also made me an accomplice and, thirdly, to struggle against my country’s ills and to do so to the last consequences.

I chose the third option and do not regret this, for I feel I contributed, however modestly, to the best of my ability, given the limitations life imposed on me, to the triumph of one of the most important revolutions in the history of the West.

Life has continued and I’ve had to make many personal decisions. Some brought me success, others, failure. As far as political ideas are concerned, however, I have been firm in my convictions and support for my country’s revolution, a process which, though not free from error, has had results we can be proud of.

Today, as this chess game of life draws to a close, I am faced with different options, and I choose the one that ought to take me to a final victory: to continue defending my revolution as best I know how. Others have opted to quit the game in search of improvements in their lives. I don’t criticize them, but they should know life will present them with many challenges they will have to face alone from now on.

I came to the end of the game, accompanied by Cuba’s fraternal and revolutionary people. And I have absolutely no doubt that we will overcome.

Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

19 thoughts on “Looking Back on the Year in Cuba

  • January 3, 2016 at 8:48 am

    You make me laugh but I should be crying….

  • January 2, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    The avowed goals set by Fidel Castro when he launched the Cuban Revilution were:

    1. Expell the Imperialists
    2. Raise the standard of living of Cuban nation.
    3. Establish an egalitarian society.

    So by those criteria, how has the Revolution succeeded?

    1. They expelled the Imperialist Americans, only to invite in a series of alternatives: first the USSR, then when that empire fell, a motley collection of Capitalists willing to do business by Castros rules.

    2. The standard of living rose while it was subsidized and then steadily fell thereafter.

    3. The elite are living better than ever!

    1, again: the Castro regime has now invited the US imperialist back in to join them in making a buck and keeping their hold on power.

    On all three points, the Cuban Revolution has failed. The only goal they succeeded at, and you may have noticed it was their one true goal all along, is to stay in power. Good for Fidel & Raul, they did that. Screw everything else, but the brothers still rule.

    And that’s what it has always been all about.

  • January 1, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Cuba has sent soldiers to fight in many countries around the world: Congo, Angola, Algeria, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia… & etc. You can argue those were all good wars and Cuba fought on the right side. Others may disagree. But let’s drop the false naivety that Cuba sends only doctors.

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