New Slander and Lies Campaign against Cuba

By Elio Delgado Legon                                                                         

Cuban government TV showed this picture of Jose Daniel Ferrer. Screenshot

HAVANA TIMES – The US government never gets tired of making mistakes and running into the same wall. Desperate because its foreign policy against revolutionary governments has repeatedly failed, they are now accusing Cuba of being responsible for setbacks in its attempts to bring about a change of government in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

They have even gone so far as claiming that Cuba has 20,000 soldiers deployed in Venezuela, so as to justify their failure.

They have played out the same script against Cuba on more than one occasion, trying to convert common criminals (people who were locked away for non-political reasons) into leaders of the counter-revolution, paying them and their relatives off to make deceiving statements, written up by the US Embassy. I’m not going to talk about previous cases of this, which I have discussed in other articles when they took place.

The latest case of this involves Jose Daniel Ferrer, an individual with an awful criminal record, accused of beating his ex-wife, even when she was still pregnant (6 months pregnant!), and more recently, of allegedly kidnapping a citizen, needing help from another two criminals, beating and torturing the man all night long, to the point that he needed to be admitted into hospital.

Does the Empire’s improvised politicians believe that they will get anywhere by using people like this? Aren’t there any decent people who are willing to serve as mercenaries and be on a foreign power’s payroll? I’d like to invite my readers to think about that for a moment or two.

The slander and lies campaign has been huge this time around, and it has taken over most of the Right’s main press around the world so as to try and deceive public opinion and to get certain figures, who are easily manipulated and then serve as puppets, to stand by their policy.

It’s no coincidence that OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro’s horrible face is appearing on TV screens, saying that the coordinator of the organization they call UnPaCu, was arrested by police, that his whereabouts were unknown and that he was being held as a prisoner of conscience.

They even got the European Parliament talking about this with their string of lies, and to pass a resolution against this alleged “human rights violation”, which came dressed in lies. Knowing nothing about the subject (or Cuba for that matter), Almagro and right-wing politicians in the European Parliament have played a sad role, blowing up a balloon that Donald Trump’s Secretary of State had prepared so as to defame Cuba and to try and justify its failed economic war policy.

As a result of this shower of lies in the media, Cuban TV revealed a video which compiled different moments from this whole story, which put all of the lies that were circulating globally to rest, once and for all.

One of the images shows the Charge d’Affaires at the US Embassy instructing the criminal’s wife on what she would say to TV cameras, and then she says that Jose Daniel had lost half of his body weight, that he was poorly fed, had no access to medical assistance in the time he was arrested, that he had poor eyesight and that when they went to visit him, he could hardly hug them because he was so badly beaten.

First of all, the statement his wife made was full of lies, it contradicts the people who said they didn’t know his whereabouts. Secondly, the family visit was recorded, and you can see him hugging his wife and children, with all of his body weight, too much I’d say. The video also includes an interview with the doctor who saw him in the prison, who said that Jose Daniel was in perfect health and his weight corresponded to his height.

The lie that he was badly beaten was contradicted in the video, because you see him banging his head against a table and shouting that the police who were guarding him were banging his head against the table. But he didn’t know that cameras were filming these scenes of self-harm.

The only thing that Imperialism gains with this new slander campaign is greater rejection from dignified peoples across the world.

Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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17 thoughts on “New Slander and Lies Campaign against Cuba

  • Let’s say for the sake of argument this guy deliberately banged his head on a table in order to perpetrate a hoax. The fact still remains that the Cuban government has tortured dissidents.

  • “As The World turns,’ I remember that ‘ novela,’

  • The comments that declare China as the largest creditor of the US are incorrect. Americans hold more than twice the amount of US debt than do the Chinese. In fact, the Chinese are the single largest holder of US debt by country but, in total, Europeans also hold a larger share. That said, should the Chinese even imagine the plot to dump their US debt holdings, the loss of value to that debt would devastate the market and send the world economy, not just the US, into a death spiral.

  • You should understand C. Ermle that Pedro Morejon was writing of his dream of what Cuba could be if released from communist dictatorship. That obviously is the inverse of the current position in Cuba. One does not require direction from any authority to make factual statements. Obviously the Cuba that you claim to know is that observed by a casual tourist, not by one who lives within the system where everything requires authority.

  • And by what authority are you saying these things. That’s not the Cuba I know.

  • Kevin Corcoran should read the previous article “The Cuba I Dream Of” by Pedro Morejon. In his admiration of Elio and the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba, Kevin is denying the views of the vast majority of Cubans who would like to have the vicious vice of communist dictatorship removed and be able to pursue the dream described by Pedro.

  • After 60 years of communist Revolution,the destruction of both the Cuban economy and society and the already established abuses of basic human rights committed by authorities in Cuba I’d say the Cuban government has lost all moral authority! They’ve successfully run Cuba’s economy to the ground, allowed the country’s infrastructure and amazing architecture to crumble and adversely affected society in ways that are unfathomable as compared to how society was evolving before Fidel Castro and his merry band of bearded followers entered Havana on January 8th of 1959. That beautiful city of Havana that was once known as the Paris of the Caribbean is now looking more like a decrepit shadow of it former self. No,Cuba was not perfect and yes there was a lot of corruption and much poverty but as compared to other countries in Latin America it had a growing middle class and overall a high standard of living even if compared to many countries in post WW2 Europe. And yes the dictator Fulgencio Batista was brutally suppressing opposition but when compared to what Castro did to eliminate any opposition and assure his revolution would be successful Batista’s record pales in comparison. And at least Batista’s methods didn’t bring down the whole country’s economy and its people down with him. The Castro Revolution’s damage will take years and generations to repair if ever. Of course the famous US embargo or blockade as it’s known in Cuba has been a joke that has only served as an excuse by Castro and the communist government to justify their own mismanagement and inefficiency.
    So it’s obvious what’s been going on in Cuba for all these years, there’s no freedom of speech or press and the stranglehold the government has on the economy will never allow the people to prosper. And unfortunately nothing will truly change until either the citizenry themselves finally get fed up enough to rebel (something I highly doubt because most people are too busy just trying to survive and then there’s the fear of reprisal) or some enlightened leader comes to terms with Cuba’s past and admits that all these years of Marxist/socialist experiment have been a complete failure and finally brings true democracy and free enterprise to the Cuban people. Haven’t they suffered enough?

  • In response to Carlos:
    The USA is indeed beholden to Communist China for the propping up of it’s economy.
    If China said ‘pay us what you owe us by the the end of the week’, the USA would be BUST.
    But if the USA went BUST, China would be struggling to find replacement buyers for its consumer products.
    A paradox that would have all those renowned (but sadly and disgracefully written out of history) US Communists of bygone eras smirking self indulgently from beyond the grave.

  • For heaven’s sake ..!

    With over 800 MILITARY bases spread around the globe, unknown # of MILITARY satellites, soon to be formed space force, unknown # of WARS, CONVERT & SUBVERSIVE operations .. AAAND a lot more to come of the above, I am SURE ?!
    And God’s “REPRESENTATIVE” on earth is CLAIMING & COMPLAINING, that Cuba have 20,000 insoldiers in Venezuela ???!!!
    Enough HYPOCRISY !!!

    OH .. DEAR GOD ?
    PLEASE RECALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE & SAVIOR, and get him OFF our backs? ORRR, if unable, recall me & and ALL THOSE who feels it, more CONVENIENT !


  • Where did he get the number of 20,000 Cubans in Venezuela . What source said that?

  • Carlos, yes China and Vietnam have a one party communist government but they allow free enterprise on a grand scale, not just paladors and casas particular. Pure communism could never allow a large business let alone a major industry to be privately owned. We blame the embargo, what a joke, we can do business with every other country in world. Just one problem, they want paid for their goods and we only have so much rum and tobacco. You say “accept that people think different and let them life in peace”. My word of advice is that if you think differently than the Party don’t speak it aloud, or you will not live in peace.

  • Is funny that the major creditor of USA is a communist country.. China… Vietnam after Clinton removed all sanctions, show a huge improvement in his economy and the life for his citizens change for good. Also a Communist country. In just 20 years Vietnam mo e from nothing to a prosper country. USA recognized that he keeps sanctions go struggle Cuba economy and made his citizens without food, starving, the people will fight and defeat the government. That is a fact, and is very ignorant of those who believe that the sanctions that US Treasure Departments have against Cuba is just a joke. That sanctions really affect the development of Cuba, Cuba tried other ways to escape but sadly the center of the Banking system in the world is USA..Cuba lose lot of money due that, and lots of opportunity.. US know very well What Cubans can do, they know that if they remove all sanctions, Cuba will improve a lot his economy. Now people talk about humans rights.. But is not a violation of human rights that you don’t allow another country to develop because you don’t like his ideology? Is only your system good, the rest are bad.. Well let the people choose his path, accept that people think different and let them life in peace.

  • Elio, The government has fought tooth and nail to provide us a better life? The problem lies there. It is not the governments responsibility to provide a better life. It’s responsibility is to ensure that citizens have their basic human rights protected. Given the freedoms to improve their own lives without government interference. You lived through the special period, when the USSR fell and was no longer able to prop up Cuba. Communism does not work. Then Venezuela held us up until they no longer could. Again communism never works Mr Legon, are you daft.

  • The imperial snake can’t stand the truth! Very good article! Let them know the real truth and they start their nonsense all over again! Well done and very informative journalism! I salute you! Viva Kuba!

  • Give it up. The propaganda castrista doesn’t work anymore the communist dictatorship doesn’t have the monopoly on information anymore and the people of Cuba know this is a political prisoner. The European parlament already demands his release from prison. The Cuban people are not buying your lies anymore. Viva la democracia!

  • Is Elio losing it or has the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of Cuba ceased supplying him with scripts? This wandering article only succeeds in persuading the reader to compare the “horrible face” of OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro with that of Elio himself.

  • The communist dictatorship’s lies aren’t working.
    Everyone knows Jose Daniel Ferrer just believes in freedom of speech freedom from your tyranny.
    Time for your system of fear and oppression to end.

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