Sell-Outs and Wrongdoers

By Elio Delgaldo Legon

HAVANA TIMES – Traitors, sell-outs and wrongdoers have existed ever since the beginning of time, during the Ottoman and Roman empires, just to give you two examples. We have proof of this today in the saying that we still use: “Rome pays traitors, but it despises them.”

To cut a long story short, let’s take a look at Cuban history and we will see that many people, born on the island, enlisted into batallions of volunteers to fight the revolutionaries who raised their cry for independence or death, as early as October 10, 1868.

These volunteers were especially involved in keeping an eye on and fighting rebels in cities, so that soldiers could fight against armed insurgents in rural areas.

For example, in Havana, there were many reports of volunteers born in Cuba who were more frightening than the Spanish.

They massacred the Cuban people, like we have seen in famous works at the Villanueva theater. They also committed other abominable acts such as placing pressure so that Medicine students would be sentenced to death and executed by firing squad, to teach a lesson. This happened on November 27, 1871.

I have mentioned these events to show how individuals born in Cuba have been capable of acting against their own country, with no regard for the Cuban people’s suffering. They were only moved by their own miserable economic interests.

In agreement with the Cuban Government’s stance on the San Isidro Movement

In recent weeks, we have once again seen unprincipled Cubans act like vulgar mercenaries. They are being paid off and receiving orders from the US. They are told to promote disorder, chaos and civil disobedience, with their eyes set on producing social unrest. I’m not the one saying this though, they’ve announced it themselves.


It has come to light [in Cuba’s media] that those who set up the farse that is the so-called San Isidro Movement, are nothing more than vulgar mercenaries who follow the US government’s orders. These orders come via the US Embassy in Havana, which is a serious violation of its function as a diplomatic institution. It is unacceptable meddling in Cuba’s domestic affairs.

The small group that met at one of the member’s homes, in the San Isidro neighborhood in Old Havana, pretended that they were holding a hunger strike, which was never true. Plus, they weren’t following health regulations and protocol in the fight against COVID-19. They even received a visitor who had traveled from Mexico to the US and then to Cuba, and he didn’t respect established health regulaitons, none of them did. This can lead to serious consequences for all of them and for the general population.

They have posts on social media that show the way they insult patriotic symbols, especially the national flag. They do all of this to please their owners in the North and its embassy in Havana.

Acts of sabotage in recent weeks, including the derailing of a freight train, have all been cleared up. The people responsible were arrested and they have confessed that there was money in the middle. Moreover the amount they were receiving for every act of sabotage and who was paying them off.

They all answer to the US interest in changing Cuba’s political/economic system. That’s to say, to get rid of the Revolution, return the country’s to its capitalist past and become the country’s owners once again.

Therefore I have no shred of doubt in my mind that the alleged San Isidro Movement is nothing more than a group of mercenaries who are on a foreign power’s payroll, with counter-revolutionary objectives. The Law will be laid down against them.

We cannot show tolerance to those who are trying to destroy what the Cuban people have worked so hard for, because this isn’t a matter of confused or mistaken people, but of people who know full what it is they’re doing and why they are doing it.

You just have to listen to one of them when they said: “Donald Trump is my president.” He said it himself, he’s clearly a mercenary.

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Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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  • I thought that old propagandist Elio had retired. But obviously he has been brought out of retirement by the party to resume “His” campaign to keep the good people of Cuba enslaved. Just another Carne Vaca, stealing the peoples cows so that the generals can have filet mignon.

  • On response to Nick’s comment: I accept as a fact that the US has interfered in the political affairs of many countries around the world, and especially in Latin America. Criticizing the failed Castro regime does not imply that I believe that the US is perfect. Politics, by its very nature, is a messy business. This is a blog about Cuba. So comments here are focused on Cuban issues. If, by your comment, only those who have perfect human, political, social, and economic records are qualified to criticize, then Circles Robinson should turn HT into a travel blog because no one would be able to comment on politics.

  • A real election with an independent media would have the communists getting the boot obviously.
    Everything is getting worse, zero chance the same old dinosaurs would win.
    Only problem the thugs running things won’t let it happen.

  • Mr Patterson,
    You have every right to criticise what goes on in Cuba. There is a degree of validity to such criticism.
    But you state: ‘ If Cuba had free, fair and independent elections, there would be little concern about outside influences.’
    This shows complete contempt for the history of the American continent and shows that you are a victim of your own country’s sordid but slick propaganda machinery.
    Are you actually seriously trying to suggest that your country has ever shown even the slightest respect for democracy in other countries of the Americas?
    There are countless examples of how your country has sought to undermine democracy on your continent. Countless examples of the USA brutally subverting the democratic will of the peoples of the Americas.
    History tells us that US Governments traditionally do not give a single flying f**k about whether other American Governments are ‘democratic’ or otherwise.
    All the USA has ever required of other American countries is for them to kow-tow. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    The suggestion that all a country of the Americas has to do to avoid outside influence (from the USA – the regional Goliath) is to install some kind of acceptable version of democracy is an absurdity.
    It has zero basis in reality.
    A suggestion that can only come from someone who dwells in some kinda parallel universe.
    Your statement Mr Patterson is an example of why some much money is invested in propaganda.
    It works.
    Or at least it appears to have worked in your case.

  • If Cuba had free, fair and independent elections, there would be little concern about outside influences. People would be able to vote as they feel. The majority would rule. But in the absence of democracy, the Castro dictatorship should always be concerned with public opinion. Those in leadership know better than most, the dwindling support the dictatorship retains.

  • Elio is government troll and he is paid for it, just ignore the guy, if he is not a troll then he must be blind and brain washed.

  • As Elio incorrectly concludes: “Therefore I have no shred of doubt in my mind that the alleged San Isidro Movement is nothing more than a group of mercenaries who are on a foreign power’s payroll, with counter-revolutionary objectives.” Nonsense.

    Elio has his close minded opinion. On the other hand, there are other more open minded individuals who see something else entirely different regarding the San Isidro Movement: something benign, something positive.

    The artists, journalists and others who were born and raised in Cuba and have lived in the same Cuban society as Elio have experienced, along with their parents and grandparents for the past 60 plus years, tremendous economic hardships, misery, hunger, exploitation, all because of extreme government incompetence, mismanagement, corruption, paranoia, you name it.

    These young Cubans want to see some positive change to better their lives and the lives of their parents and future children. They are not “mercenaries” as the government portrays them to be for the government’s edification. The government through its propaganda machine controls the Cuban broadcast airwaves and can conjure up any untruth it wants and pass it off as reliable for those adherents who believe or have to believe the fakeness of their allegations.

    Are these young intellectuals influenced by outside forces? Yes, to some degree. We live in an entirely different world than Elio’s 1800s epoch examples of adherents working against the government. Get with it. Today’s youth have access to social media. They have some idea of what other groups and individuals in other parts of the world are doing to try to bring about a semblance of positive change in their society.

    However, the San Isidro Movement young Cubans are not revolutionary radicals molded in the 1800s as Elio tries to depict because if they were they would not ask to calmly sit down with the government and dialogue. Calmly sitting down with government representatives, is that acting like “mercenaries” or disobeying the norms of Cuban society? Is that matter of calmness asking for dialogue a tactic that American anarchist propagate, if, as Elio, claims there is, “no doubt” the Movement is under the influence of the US Embassy in Havana?

    If they were under the influence of American imperialist they would be more aggressive, more in your face, more belligerent in their demands. But they are not. They are calm Cubans.

    Let’s face facts. Cuba is a totalitarian state run by communist elites who want to maintain the status quo, who only approve of “change” coming from the top down and those changes will be accepted whether the population likes it or not. Well, as we have witnessed after some sixty plus years of dictatorial decrees some young, spirited, artists, journalists, and others no longer want the status quo and are seeking something better.

    To an open minded outsider, the ask for a semblance of some form of benevolent change seems very appropriate, reasonable and to be applauded.

  • What the Cuban government is doing to its people is cruel and inhumane. The lack of freedom and absence of civil rights is appalling. No free press, no right to gather, no free speech, no ability to leave. The continued war on the LGBT community is getting worse. The March against Homophobia was cancelled since 2018 and attendees were arrested by the government. The sham of a constitution denied marriage equality and adoption for gay couples. In Cuba the LGBT are not even treated as people. We now see the government attacking artist. Soon the doctors treated as slaves will revolt. The failed economic system in Cuba as made people desperate. Anyone supporting the dictatorship should be ashamed.

  • Wrongdoers Damaging Cuba, I Know Cubans jealous Anger towards Tourists & Tourist investments along with The Cuban Damage of Public & Privet Properties has Taken Cuba to the Lowest Level of Lost to Respect. I Tried to provide a Hand Up as investing with the understanding & excepting there was always going to be very little in return when a Canadian is Just wanting to help, Not interfere in any way, I was Forced to understand Cuban Jealousy is Taking over & Creating what others want Cuba to Fall to as Failure as a Nation. A Game of Jealousy & who can Swindle More from the Tourist has shown your Governments Authority has Lost all Respect or is that there Game also to up the Countries $ intake. Ya Sucks To Be a Cuban Trapped in Jealousy that Holds There Future. Karma, What Goes Around Comes Right Back at You.

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