Venezuela Under Fascist Threat

Elio Delgado Legón

HAVANA TIMES — I am not exaggerating: the Venezuelan Right has already shown us its fascist credentials on more than one occasion. Now, it charges once again, with a (recently frustrated) plot to stage a coup and assassinate the nation’s president. The most disquieting thing isn’t the fascist-like nature of those who are desperate to recover their benefits and distribute amongst themselves the country’s oil profits, today used to improve the life of Venezuela’s humble, a people who have been forsaken and neglected for nearly 200 years.

The most disquieting thing is that they enjoy the moral and material support of an imperial power that claims to defend democracy. Can the actions against a legally constituted government that was democratically elected by the people be called democratic? Are the violent protests and the murder of more than 40 people who were loyal to the government democratic? Is the economic war, the hoarding of products and the artificial shortages staged to destabilize the government democratic?

We cannot forget the coup against President Hugo Chavez staged in April of 2002, with full support from Washington, a coup that was thwarted thanks to the intervention of the people and the armed forces that were loyal to the president and defended both legality and democracy, restoring the government legitimately elected by the people.

We must also recall how the fascist actions and atrocities carried out by those who attempted the coup were never condemned by the White House, the State Department or the US Embassy in Caracas. On the contrary, Washington offered those behind the coup attempt support to continue with their plans.

I still recall the images of the fascist hordes attacking the Cuban embassy in Caracas, led by former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles.

They are the people who have lost the elections on several occasions and are now once again betting on a coup, to take power illegally and dismantle all of the programs developed by the Bolivarian revolution, such as free healthcare and education for all, mass construction efforts aimed at providing all Venezuelans with a decorous home, sporting and cultural development programs and many others.

To pave the road towards their fascist coup, they have been waging an economic war, emptying markets of products to lay the blame on the government and using a media campaign loaded with lies to create confusion among the population, as the media at the service of the oligarchy and imperialism tend to do.

They have followed the same roadmap used in countries such as Libya, Syria and the Ukraine: they have created public disorder to accuse the government of repression, secure economic sanctions that weaken it and obtain support for those responsible for the chaos, as though this were the tried-and-true method of so-called representative democracy.

Violently overthrowing a government that was elected by the people will never bring positive results. We need only look at the recent history of countries where these formulas have been applied.

Sowing chaos in Venezuela is not convenient for anyone, not even the United States, which has supported destabilizing efforts and coup attempts. Nor are the revolutionary people of Venezuela, who are prepared for victory, going to allow such a coup to take place.

Elio Delgado Legon

Elio Delgado-Legon: I am a Cuban who has lived for 80 years, therefore I know full well how life was before the revolution, having experienced it directly and indirectly. As a result, it hurts me to read so many aspersions cast upon a government that fights tooth and nail to provide us a better life. If it hasn’t fully been able to do so, this is because of the many obstacles that have been put in its way.

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  • March 1, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    John, you are truly misinformed. I can understand that if you have not been in Venezuela. It is easy to be misinformed by reading articles like this.
    And lets not put a tag on it. What Griffin said is 100% accurate. Call it heaven, if you want. It won’t stop being a hell.

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