Cuba and those that Practice Entrapment

Erasmo Calzadilla

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HAVANA TIMES — About ten years ago, I had a bunch of friends who were “burnouts” (as we used to call them) because of conditions of life here, though I didn’t choose them because of that condition.

Most of them did nothing more than whine in private about things, but the boldest became associated with political parties that emerged back then, mostly the “sui generis” pro-capitalists ones.

The political education of typical neighborhood kids was terrible. They had no idea of the mess they were getting into; they didn’t even know what the hell “liberalism” was. To them it sounded like freedom and capitalism – which to them were synonymous.

They had good times in the activities of their parties – channeling their angst, meeting cool people who “opened their eyes”… and at the same time filled their bellies.

They weren’t afraid, and in the middle of 2003 it seemed like the regime was retreating and reluctantly tolerating an emboldened opposition.

Naïve, they were being given more and more rope to hang themselves, but at the decisive moment the stool was kicked out from under them. State Security agents permeated these groups and directed them into the arms of the US government, which at that time had begun to openly financing dissidents and non-violent subversive groups.

One of the leaders of this “heroic deed” was Aleida Godinez (Agent Vilma). It’s amazing to hear from her very own mouth how she, as an opposition leader, requested logistical support and money from our generous neighbors to the north.

In the way that Godinez tells her story to US journalist Tracey Eaton, I would say that she’s even proud of her achievements.

The worst sentiments come out in me listening to such a person who deliberately embroiled the lives of so many people and crushed a process of political reform (not just pro-capitalist), which perhaps at this point would now be bearing fruit.

But the discomfort aside, I recommend the interviews conducted by Eaton to (Cuban) political activists of various currents and human rights defenders. They are excellent documents to understanding the political drama of today’s Cuba.

Intervew by Tracey Eaton with Aleida Godinez  

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part 1:

part 2:

Text version (Spanish)

part 1:

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Erasmo Calzadilla

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10 thoughts on “Cuba and those that Practice Entrapment

  • August 12, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    A hate site? Yeah, right.

  • August 12, 2012 at 9:45 am

    I am not the kind of person you would ever see justifying that any person is put behind bars for their thinking, even if it means challenging the Government, in Cuba or elsewhere. What is more, I think every Cuban has the right to do so. What I mean here is that Cuban dissidents should beware of being in cahoots with the same government that has been seeking to destroy the Cuban revolution and murder its leaders for over half a century. In the past, contacts between US government officials, US intelligence and Cubans dissatisfied with Socialism would usually lead to anti-Castro plots in the Island and outside. When Cuban intelligence managed to thwart most of those plans, which included armed confrontation and assassination attempts, they started resorting to more sophisticated means, which they continue to do today. That is what I oppose: The most powerful government on earth aiding and abetting dissidents, which is just one more way to seek war by other means.

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