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“Drugs are bad,” repeated Professor Garrison again and again, speaking mechanically to his students at school on an episode of South Park.  Of course, not only did they not believe him, but they headed off as soon as they could to satisfy their curiosities, since they were sure the prof was lying.

I suppose this is the same effect engendered by many TV programs in Cuba where noted specialists attempt to turn drugs into the pariah.  I wonder if any of those moralists have ever tried those substances that they purport to know about so well.

Drugs have always been consumed by people.  They have offered incomparable aid in the human understanding of the divine dimensions of beings.  Only sclerotic and sick societies are compelled to prohibit them to prevent people from harming themselves.  However, I don’t believe that outlawing these substances is the best decision.

Drugs, at least a group of them, are the expanders of consciousness and do very little if no harm to the body.  Among these are those that some of us call de-hallucinogens, because they make us see the world more as it is.

A series of walls protects us from reality, but at the same time they contain us and prevent us from getting closer to it.  These walls get higher and higher if we let them, but de-hallucinogens knock them down, sometimes violently.  If we’re too stubborn (and anyone can be) or if we resist what they want to show us, then they can become very dangerous.

I’m not encouraging anyone to try drugs (God forbid such a responsibility).  What’s more, I explicitly advise readers not to get involved in such as tangle, at least not out of some excitement for adventure or without the help of a good guide with lots of experience.

Now, in an equally explicit manner, I’m affirming that the moralists on TV and everywhere else —with their stupid propaganda against drugs— are indirectly inducing thousands of young people to indiscriminately and unconsciously consume any shit they’re sold.

Telling the whole truth, and without fear of the issue, would do a lot of good.

Erasmo Calzadilla

Erasmo Calzadilla: I find it difficult to introduce myself in public. I've tried many times but it doesn’t flow. I’m more less how I appear in my posts, add some unpresentable qualities and stir; that should do for a first approach. If you want to dig a little deeper, ask me for an appointment and wait for a reply.

7 thoughts on “Drugs Aren’t So Bad

  • I enjoyed your article. It offered an opposing view. I respect precisely your statement
    “I am a bitter opponent of those who are bossy, abusive, and imposing, those who believe they hold the truth, etc., independent of their attire. To them, I occasionally dedicate a few angry words…”

    In my opinion, we, collectively speaking, need to quit our moral agendas and crusades. This would require more courage of us than anything we have ever done. One thing – I think – that we should do about and for our fellow man is ensure he can provide for himself and create his own space and destiny and regulate this my not allowing whomever to omit or corrupt the efforts of others who are doing just this. That’s it. By doing anything else, we create power vacuums and misguided agendas that (again, in my opinion) are really what evil is all about.

    I don’t think that the above will ever happen, but I don’t think that it is altruistic either. I also, however, don’t think that we can go on as we doing. Some of us can think drugs, abortions, contraceptives and – lets add this to the list – assisted suicide is ‘against God’ or immoral, but for God’s sake, let’s let individuals make their own choices and let the cards fall where they may. Now that takes courage, and I really think that we would be a much stronger people for it.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’d enjoy the communication.

  • as growing up i went from being a “wierd mosher” then a “chav” now i like everything that i think makes me happy… i think everyone should work together… < without sounding gay haha… and ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm take drugs nd shag :)… like the writer embaraso i have learned all areas of life (history tells you alot about things)<sad haha, and drugs help me they give me funnn and have no adverse health effects on people only if you abuse em like gay crack pot lickers…. ;):P:O:Y:F:L:)()()()()()()()()()()(

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