Freedom for Your Pecker

Erasmo Calzadilla


HAVANA TIMES — Sex mobilizes an enormous amount of human energy. Cuban campesinos have expressed the enormous power of sex in old sayings such as: “A good ass pulls more than a mule, and a pair of hooters can pull more than a horse.

If cities generated more sayings, urbanites would have come up with lines like: “A dipstick is more powerful than a rocket ship” or “screwing is more entertaining than a cellphone.”

What becomes of such sexual energy? Does anyone take advantage of it or does it all dissolve through entropy?

The individual production of sexual energy is harnessed, firstly by the “machine” (i.e. society as an entity that influences its members and is nourished by their yearnings and interests).

To achieve such an aim, the “machine” (or the “matrix” or whatever you want to call it) begins by creating an insulating barrier between the “sexual poles.” This is accomplished through physical restrictions (such as separate restrooms for girls and boys), moral constraints, the punishment of violators, etc.

As a result, a strong sexual tension or buildup of pressure is generated between the two poles, which in turn triggers psychic phenomena such as fetishization, overvaluation and an increased attraction for the opposite sex.

This attraction — due to its having a basis that is insubstantial and artificially created — decays rapidly during the sexual encounter.


Once the barrier is created, the “machinery” rewards the set of ways in which desire is channeled and it punishes others. Rewards go to those who buy into the system the most (such as through marriage or prostitution) and punishment is meted out against those who allow themselves to enjoy sex that is free of any commitment or price.

Let’s agree that initially this social control of sexual energy may have played an important role in the emergence of a more complex structured and organized civilization by preventing inbreeding.

But today we’re too intelligent to allow it to continue spoiling what promises to be a rich source of pleasure and happiness. Strong criticism as well as a boycott must be made of the “machine” so that it can be put at our service.

It is neither logical nor fair that it continues squeezing us dry and later feeding us crumbs.

In a future post I’ll give my perception of how all this takes place in Cuba and how I have experienced it.

Erasmo Calzadilla

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