Sudden Wrinkles

Erasmo Calzadilla

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When looking at myself in the mirror last night, I discovered — oh my god! — the first two big wrinkles on my face, one on each cheek.  They came from when I was at the “School in the Countryside.”  I suppose they’re due to all the sunlight, the rough conditions and the loss of weight I experienced there.  Since there were no mirrors out there, I couldn’t appreciate how they’d grown, or how suddenly…

Since then I’ve been dragging around upset, comparing my skin with that of other people around me to see if what I have is something abnormal or premature, or if it’s simply my time.  And what horror; I’ve now realized that I’m worse off than my contemporaries.  What’s happening to me?  Could it be because I don’t eat meat (a voluntary choice)?  I feel like my convictions are weakening…

OK, there are worse things in the world than discovering new wrinkles, no doubt; but it’s sad to see your youthfulness fading without having done anything important.

I keep going back to the mirror and…it’s intolerable.  I think I’ll inject my wrinkles with some hyaluronic acid (one of the most effective and novel treatments), but I can’t find anybody who sells it here, plus it’s pretty expensive (this is a subliminal message to my friends abroad).

As more people walk around in the world, increasingly older and more reluctant to age, it seems that the production of this acid (made with parts of roosters and sharks) doesn’t satisfy the demand.  Poor animals; I think it would be better to look for a less cruel and cheaper remedy – one that’s free if possible.

As for my wrinkles, I refuse to welcome them.  But since these harbingers of age appeared without invitation, the wisest thing to do is to draw a lesson from them: Time flies by and it’s necessary to take advantage of it.  Each one does it in their own way, but I intend — before the birth of the next crow’s foot — to do everything possible so that I don’t feel this way again.  Toward this goal, firstly I’ll try:

– To have more and better sex (Is it true that sexual juices have some revitalizing effect on the skin?  I’ll find out.)

Then, if I have enough time, I’ll try:

– To avoid stress and toxins, continuing to keep my distance from cigarettes.

– Not to digress so much and to concentrate on seeing if I’m able to excel in something that’s lasting and useful for others – if that’s not too much to ask.

And especially:

– To never again go to the School in the Countryside.

If I accomplish all this I’ll be expecting to laugh at the next wrinkles; or better yet, they’ll appear from so much laughing.

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4 thoughts on “Sudden Wrinkles

  • Erasmo, trust me, I know many, many, many rich people who have all the money in the world to make
    them beautiful. It’s what’ is in your heart that makes you stand out. You have that my friend and don’t
    ever forget it. Stay the path and your world and hopefully all of us, will become a paradise.
    “Gratitude is wanting what we have and not having what we want!”

  • It’s not the ‘juices’. Satisfying sex relaxes lots of muscles, but makes the smile lines worse…

  • Erasmo, you need to find the artist who painted “The Picture of Dorian Grey,” and have him paint your portrait, too. There is, however, a certain price to pay!

  • Wrinkles are our battlescars – you do not inject them with medicine. You don’t have to love them either but you acknowledge them while remembering the battle you went through to get them. Loved your article.

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