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Erasmo Calzadilla

HAVANA TIMES — Now that relations with the United States have been re-established, I’m going to hop on over there the first chance I get.

I feel a mixture of hatred and love for that country. Hatred, because of how capitalism has turned it into its foul-smelling lair and because of its “compulsion” to sow death wherever it goes. Love, because of how much it helped me liberate myself. Let me explain.

When I started feeling uncomfortable within the mold of the New Man, I reacted by becoming something of a friqui, (hippie or punkster) heir to a subculture born in the north. Many from my generation headed down the same road.

Later, I became a film addict. I used to devour movies from any part of the world, but it was independent cinema from the United States (Woody Allen and many others of the sort) that contributed to the formation of my personality the most.

One day, I tried entheogens and became a regular consumer. People around me either became alarmed or shunned me. I myself had serious doubts about them. Reading American (or Americanized) writers gave me the confidence I needed to continue experimenting with them.

When traditional Cuban sexuality began placing limits on my insatiable libido, the echo of a sexual revolution whose epicenter were certain US cities helped guide my erotic drives in a healthy fashion.

In short, I was able to overcome the miserable limits of my cultural environment thanks to things that were leaking into the country, not from France or the Soviet Union, but from the tumultuous and brutal north. The Ideology Department of the Party’s Central Committee works hard to truncate any emancipatory current coming from the USA, but it has no qualms about bombarding us with the worst of that country’s culture.

Because of this, because of my cultural debt and the admiration I feel for certain aspects of the US, I want to take advantage of the new circumstances and visit the country – not the monumental, consumerist, luxurious and high-tech United States the simple-minded gawk at, but the mecca of alternative, anti-establishment and free thought – and enjoy a bit of Rage Against the Machine.

Erasmo Calzadilla

Erasmo Calzadilla: I find it difficult to introduce myself in public. I've tried many times but it doesn’t flow. I’m more less how I appear in my posts, add some unpresentable qualities and stir; that should do for a first approach. If you want to dig a little deeper, ask me for an appointment and wait for a reply.

6 thoughts on “The Free United States I’d Like to Visit

  • I largely agree with what you posted above but do note that Vermont is really different from most other rural states in the heartland of the USA where the first question asked of newcomers is: ” What church do you go to? ”
    Vermont may be rural but it isn’t anything like the conservative rural communities in most of the country .
    I could easily live in Vermont were south Florida not such a nice place for me at this point in my life. .
    My old home , Boston is getting whacked with a few feet of snow and 60mph winds today so I’m quite happy to be here .

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