What does Hermenegildo fear?

By Erasmo Calzadilla

Not long ago I wrote a blog post concerning the trial in which I was fired from the university.

It was after this that someone who calls themself  “Hermenegildo” mustered enough courage to make their hate public.  They responded to my blog entry with a few comments like “Down with the traitors” and “You don’t know how happy we all are at the institute that you’re no longer here,” and other similar remarks.

As I know no one with that lovely name at the institute where I worked, I must assume that “Hermenegildo” it is a pseudonym of someone who doesn’t want to make their identity public… somebody who is afraid of something, but I don’t know what.

What is astonishing (if not scandalous) is that even while having “justice” on their side, and proceeding to attack somebody who is far removed from power, this individual is not even brave enough to sign the note with their real name.

Given this, I am left with nothing other to think than whoever covers their face behind “Hermenegildo” fears being associated with such comments, which so clearly evidence an irascible, irrational being, an orphan of ideas, in addition to a coward.

And so that everything doesn’t remain summarized in my version, I invite you (the “Hermenegildos”), even if for just once in your life, to take the opportunity for a rational discussion here before the readers of Havana Times, a publication that you evidently read.

I hope you will realize how ridiculous you will appear if it is demonstrated that you have the gall to offend a teacher behind an alias, as you have done, but lack the mind to rationally engage in discussion or the courage to take responsibility for your words, such as I did even when I was at the Institute.

Erasmo Calzadilla

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