Preschools Reopen in Cuba

By Esther Soza

Cuban preschool before Covid-19. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban mothers are in a state of constant stress, what between the COVID-19 pandemic and the beginning of the preschool year, which kicks off now in December. 

Little ones returning to the classroom doesn’t only require bottles of water and lunchboxes. Every child needs a cot, two small towels with hanging loops, a plastic apron, a tray, cushion and three masks. 

Additionally, Cuban women have had to learn to do a lot with very little, they haven’t had any other choice.  It’s no easy feat. They have to take to the street and hunt down white socks among private sellers’ stalls. Making a trip to every seamstress’ studio, ordering or buying extra shirts for their children, paying 100 pesos each, and this doesn’t only require determination.

Trying to trust the teachers…

The long lockdown has emptied the pockets of many families and shortages don’t make it any easier for parents to get what they need. On top of this, Cuban mothers are worried about teachers’ doing their jobs properly. It’s their job now to make sure that new students wash their hands and change their masks three times a day. As well as making sure they keep a safe distance away from each other. 

Cuban mothers are used to always looking out for their children, but this time they feel like their hands are tied behind their backs. They are unable to go with their children into the classroom and see how the first day goes for them, this is also a worry. Looking after our children’s health requires a commitment to learning, which begins at home. 

Learning to live with the pandemic seems like an overwhelming task. The most important thing now is to not let ourselves be driven by uncertainty. We need to trust in our teachers, like we have trusted our doctors and health professionals, it’s vital.   

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Esther Zoza

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