Old Heads (III)– My Goals

Havana’s Malecon Seawall.  Photo: Ana Maria Gonzalez
Havana’s Malecon Seawall. Photo: Ana Maria Gonzalez

By Francisco Castro

The audiovisual work that I produced in collaboration with dozens of people who, in one way or another, contributed to its happy ending, had its origin in the story of the same name by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The synopsis could be summarized in a few words: After seven years, two men reunite to settle an outstanding debt.

Beyond vengeance, I believe that the most important aspect of this story is the system of values that moves its characters to act. El Negro (the black guy), a solitary type, seems to represent a generation that is going downhill, as does El Jinete (the horseman). This, however, does not prevent them both from leaving the best of themselves in children (in the case of the El Negro, with a guitar-playing boy; and in the case of the El Jinete, with his children). The youth are obviously representatives of the new generation.

The confrontation between El Negro and El Jinete does no more than confirm that the old world (of rigid values based on the law of the jungle) serves no purpose for the new generation. This world is represented visually in a bar, where most of the story unfolds, and where there is always a marked difference between the space occupied by El Negro and that of the boy.

The last scene works as a kind of moral that serves all generations. It seeks to analyze the methods used by each of the two parties to achieve a mutual coming together, which is vastly important for humanity’s development.

In the thesis I intended to demonstrate with this work was that people develop a system of values which they find very difficult – if not impossible – to undo or modify, even in extreme situations.

The objective is to show that vengeance, when transformed into obsession, is counterproductive in the sense that it not only affects the one who harbors it, but everyone who happens to be around – even influencing the conflict between generations. The vengeance catalyzes the life of the person who harbors it, and this then becomes their principal objective, to which they subordinate all their actions.

However, with my written report, I proposed other ideas and objectives.

Using the production of the audiovisual work as a pretext, I wanted to demonstrate in my thesis that objective conditions exist that allow for the gradual placement of students into the professional television industry. Also as objectives, I wanted to evaluate the process of student placement in this industry, the relationship between this and academia, and to demonstrate the importance of linking students with professional production starting from the beginning of their studies.

This decision, supported by my advisor, and also taken on by classmate Ana María Gonzalez (who proposed to evaluate the contributions of FAMCA (our audio communications faculty of the Higher Art Institute) in her training as a photography director), was not enthusiastically received by those in the faculty in charge of evaluating thesis exercises.

To be continued…

Francisco Castro

Francisco Castro:Everything becomes simpler when one crosses the line of thirty. That does not make it easier, but rather the opposite. There I am on the other side of the line, trying to figure out, what little I know about art, politics, economy ... life, how to move without breaking oaths that seemed essential, how not to give up, how to make the years spent into a beacon to the future.

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  • Senor castro this is a great peice..However ..

    Like u my brother Francisco a homosexual.. i am an ” OUT” right staunch supporter of Africa, African Cubans and Africa no matter where i find it..i refuse to accept peicemeall..and take offense to being called black, negro, negrito or any of those playful names of endearment, Now..you have now fallen victim to my attitude..Sorry bro..NOT!! i am African Cuban LOL..and there is no forgiveness for ignorance..call it like it is..

  • BASICALLY….THIS STORY IS ONE OF “CANT WE ALL GET ALONG” ..A statement by AFRICAN ameriKKKN Rodney King” after being beat by several white police in 1990 which costs the state of cali millions..FORGIVENESS? Yes, when my people are called Africans vs BLACK then perhaps? see Francisco ITS ABOUT RESPECT nothing is simply a colour its all flesh and blood and human..As many know here, i am a staunch supporter of being called by name not by a colour, and where all people have a right to call it what they choose..i have a right to defend the truth.
    There are no BLACK people we are all AFRICAN descendants regardless of what one sees..or what label has been placed upon our bondage..and forced to express..


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