Does Size Matter?

Por Irina Pino

Foto: Elio Delgado Valdés
Foto: Elio Delgado Valdés

HAVANA TIMES — When I was young, I would often meet up with my friends to have tea and share stories having to do with the size of men’s penises. It was a way to have fun and share anecdotes.

What had happened to me was that, when I was alone in the bookstore where I worked, a customer pulled out his enormous penis and started banging it against the table, inviting me to touch it. My reaction was to laugh (I didn’t know what sexual harassment was at the time). Rather than become frightened, I told him that, with that immense penis, he would have no luck with women, that he would have to pay to obtain sexual favors and that some would surely recoil in fear on seeing that monster.

My friend Katia had met a nice young man with an athletic body and had become so enthused with their romance that she prepared a romantic dinner for him, with a striptease act included. In the heat of the exotic dance, she began to shed garment after garment, while the object of her desire also stripped. In the semi-darkness of the room, she barely managed to make out the dwarfish and slender member, eclipsed by his sculptural body. When she went near to touch it, she was completely disappointed. She told us she masturbated him using just two fingers and decided not to see him again.

All of my friends would say the perfect man was equipped with a well-sized penis, that a pretty face and beautiful body were useless if the penis was tiny, flimsy or too large. The advice was to check the product thoroughly before buying it, to avoid disappointment down the line.

Women have long harbored the myth that larger penises spell more pleasure. Sexologists suggest that the important thing is for the member to come into contact with the clitoris after penetration. This is what leads to orgasm. It’s true some of us go for an average size and thickness, though I’ve also heard certain people prefer smaller penises, as this proves convenient for anal sex.

Currently, penis enlargement operations are available. Recently, Cuban television aired a documentary about a man whose marriage proposal was rejected because he did not meet his girlfriend’s expectations in terms of size. He decides to travel and gather testimonies from men who face the same problem: a small penis. It is said that, in a great many cases, a psychological factor is involved, as many of these men actually have average-sized penises.

Sexuality is complicated. One need become informed and learn. Many myths continue to prevail in society and to shape people’s attitudes, who find it hard to accept changes.

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  • Although the man you encountered at the bookstore is probably not him, he sounds like “Superman,” who performed at the Teatro Shanghai in Barrio Chino in the 1940’s and 1950’s (See “Buried in Shit” by Pedro Juan Gutierrez, from his Trilogia sucia de La Habana)!

  • Angelica Robinson is never going to a book store in Havana – Si !!!!!!!

  • I was told years ago by a female co-office worker that “Its not the meat its the motion”

  • I was dating a woman who told me that she would only have sex with me if my penis was nine inches long.
    I broke up with her because I’m not cutting off three inches of my penis for anyone.

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