Flashes of Old Havana II (Video)

By Irina Pino

HAVANA TIMES – Walking through Old Havana, losing yourself in its squares, museums, stores, cafes, popular fairs stirs new emotions, a hodgepodge of places which have a signature, a scent, like the breath that precedes a story.

A large number of foreigners visit its museums and leisurely walk down its streets. You can see them sitting in restaurants, maybe they are staying at a hostel, they know that they can enjoy their stay in a beautiful and safe country.

Our people are happy in their own right, they don’t stop smiling even though they need lots of things, they live their daily struggle, but with hopes of things getting better. When they relax, they also really enjoy themselves. There is no better postcard than watching these children have fun with a living statue, or feeding pigeons in a square. Even though the years of innocence pass quickly…

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  • As usual , a very nice read by Irino Pino… I enjoy reading the Havana time’s to keep me updated in between trips to Havana.!

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