Their Word against Mine: Proselytizing in Cuba

By Jorge Milanes


HAVANA TIMES – “Good morning my brother, we here are here to bring you God’s word. Do you have time for us?” A man says to me, accompanied by another, who approach me outside my home when I’m on my way to work. They were holding some leaflets in their hands.

“I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a hurry, my time is gold as the famous song goes, Time is money…”

“Anyhow, you can enter the Lord’s kingdom,” they continued. “Let us show you what the Lord says in this leaflet about what you just said.”

“I don’t think I have the time you guys need but I can tell you that I am already in the Lord’s kingdom, I believe in being a good person to everyone and to not impose myself,” I explained.

“It also talks about that. Can we have a chat?” they insist, and I found myself forced to take a few steps in order to show them my haste, but they followed behind me, while I tell them about my religious beliefs, that I have an African-Spanish family tradition, members of the diaspora community who found themselves forced to adopt some things from Cuba’s Catholic Church back then, in order to survive. “Can I carry on my way please?” We’ll have a better opportunity to talk about all of this another day.

I thought that they had understood, but they hadn’t.

“My brother, we would still like you to read these verses and when we meet again, you can tell us what you think. God bless you.” “Uffff, they finally left. Now, I’m in even more of a hurry than I was before.”

Persistence is acceptable when you are trying to achieve something in life, but it doesn’t apply in these cases. I was very kind this time, but I have beared witness to heated scenes with people who have different ideologies and end up saying things like: I don’t care about your religion, I’m a santero, don’t even think about coming back, etc…

Some religious groups in my neighborhood regularly take part in invasive procedures but they don’t always bring in good results. I believe they would have greater success if they were to have a bit more prudence and perspective.

Jorge Milanes

Jorge Milanes: My name is Jorge Milanes Despaigne, and I’m a tourism promoter and public relations specialist. Forty-five years ago I was born in Cojimar, a small coastal town to the east of Havana. I very much enjoy trips and adventure; and now that I know a good bit about my own country, I’d like to learn more about other nations. I enjoy reading, singing, dancing, haute cuisine and talking with interesting people who offer wisdom and happiness.

23 thoughts on “Their Word against Mine: Proselytizing in Cuba

  • “Scientific proof” in itself is relative, & known to change with the times. (See middle ages) So i will only offer this to consider…In our mother’s wombs, “scientists” will agree we were alive with a consciousness & our senses intact. That was our world, & as far as we knew it was all that existed. Then we came here to find we were wrong. Logically, once you realize you were wrong about something, you have to leave room for the possibility that you could be wrong again. Perhaps again there is another reality once we leave this one. Then, once you are open to that, you have to also at least recognize this could not be happen chance. Just saying..

  • Where did you discover that as “Noah and his family were entering into the ark – many laughed.”? Was that in the New York Times or reported by Fox News?
    Proselytizing is a nuisance imposed upon the recipients by those who consider that they are favored by “God”. Why should folks have to tolerate it?

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