Wood Born for the Violin

Jorge Milanes Despaigne

HAVANA TIMES — Since he was a child, his mother suffered miserably because she wanted him to change. It didn’t matter how or even what he became, she just didn’t want him to be like that. She would use any method to achieve that aim – punishment, hitting, screaming and even the most absolutely ignorant methods.

Her efforts yielded no fruit, however. There he was, the same as always, because like the proverb goes: “a tree born crooked will never straighten its trunk, and the wood born for a violin will make music even from the tree.”

This popular saying alludes to the persistence of certain behaviors in people, which is a fact has not been fully studied or understood.

What I’m sure though is that his mother has suffered because she’s never been able to find a way to “correct” her child’s behavior, though it’s likely that he’s never wanted to change.

The image always repeats itself. With his back to the street, and moving to the Arabic beats of Shakira’s music, he’ll show off his dancing skills. He never seems to mind that beneath his balcony several people will gather to watch his sensuous demonstration of dance. When turning around to discover people applauding, he’ll then run for cover.

Sometimes the applause continues, so his mother will pause with her chores to find out the cause of the commotion, though she never manage to see anyone, even though she knows that her son is at the heart of whatever it is.

Sometimes, instead of applause, you’ll hear shouting and offensive language, words to which she responds regretfully.

Later he’ll ask if I realize what’s happening to him, and I’ll reply: “Yes, but I think you’re wasting your energy on something that you already have the answer to – it’s just his nature.

Today he demonstrated that he really feels like Shakira. Just at dusk, he went out on the street wearing a striking outfit.