Getting an Insider’s View of Canada’s Gay Pride (Video)

By Luis Rondon Paz (Reporting from Montreal)

HAVANA TIMES — Gay Pride week was recently celebrated in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was a nationwide political and cultural event which brought together Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Transgenders, Intersexuals, Queers, Questioning and Two-Spirits “LGBTIQQ2S” between August 10th and 20th.

This event has been celebrated in Montreal for over 8 years, in order to promote acceptance and respect for difference.

The Parc Faubourgs, Le Village or Montreal’s Gay Village, just to mention a few places, were places where the culture of respecting inclusion and sexual diversity multiplied.

As this was a national event this time around, there was a series of conferences where activists, business people and academics from different regions came together to speak about human rights and the challenges that each of these regions are facing today in order to exercize this right.

Another important fact is that Gay Pride Day in Canada isn’t just for people from the sexual diversity collective; it’s a space where everyone can express their love freely, without caring about their sexual orientation or gender identity.

It’s a space for inclusion, respect too, to protest the fact that many countries don’t ensure the rights of this sexually diverse group. It is also a space where all of society can come together to form a part of this change, where institutions play a vital role in people feeling comfortable, whether in a working environment or in a public space.

Luis Rondón

Luis Rondon Paz: Activist, Queer, computer scientist, actor, photographer, student and apprentice journalist. Originally from Santiago de Cuba. I believe that people are life projects in constant transformation. I am consistent and responsible for my actions, committed to just causes and a lover of good deeds. Today I write about Cuba in exile, free of psychological torture and persecution of the Cuban dictatorship.

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  • We can all look forward to the day when it is no longer necessary for groups of differing sexuality to hold such events because society as a whole has accepted everybody and celebrates life and community as a whole rather than in diverse groups. Eventually complete community should take pride of place,

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