Sometimes an Effective Complaint Bears Results

Miguel Sanchez

Bache arreglado

HAVANA TIMES — In January, I wrote about a pothole in the middle of 19th street in Havana’s Bahia neighborhood. I wrote that neighbors had planted plants inside the pothole themselves so that people could see it from afar and be able to prevent an accident from taking place; it looked more like a huge flowerpot than a pothole, although no flowers ever grew as the plants would dry out.

It’s also true that most projects are paralyzed because of the shortage of raw materials nationwide and building materials are hard to find right now. But, there is always a but (and this time it’s a good but), sometimes, things can be done. We don’t know where the materials came from, but one day we woke up and saw with joy (some with nostalgia) that the pothole was gone.

Calle con el bache arreglado.

Everything seems to indicate, and notice I say “seems”, that a good job has been done (when I compare it to other streets in Havana). This has changed this street’s life and the lives of all of those of us who travel down it everyday.

After seeing it for such a long time, we’re going to miss the pothole of course, although deep down we all feel better knowing that it’s gone.

If only things like this continue to happen and quality jobs are done, which we are all infinitely grateful for because it not only makes the place look better, it also give us peace of mind and keeps us safe.

Congratulations to those who made this repair possible!

Miguel Arias

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