A Full Stomach Makes a Happy Heart

By Nike

La cueva del gato.

HAVANA TIMES – I just finished watching a documentary about cave people, a couple of hours ago. Their lives revolved around food.

The current situation in the world today forces us Cubans to only think about feeding ourselves. I’m talking about every Cuban: university graduates, artists, builders and housewives.

Every one of us has had to adapt as best we can to an almost primitive struggle to survive, to put a basic meal on our tables.

A store with some provisions.

We are becoming more and more like our brothers and sisters, the cave people, giving survival our absolute attention: food.

We are overcome with happiness when we manage to get a hold of a packet of chicken in line, or a packet of powdered milk, and we go home with a happy heart as if we were taking a trophy back to our cave, sorry I mean house.

I hope that this is soon nothing more than a bad memory and that we can get back to our other interests. Such as going to a concert, dancing, or visiting a gallery, so I can share these experiences with you.

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I was born in Havana, Cuba. All my life I have had the sea as a landscape. I like being close to it, feeling its breeze, its smell, as well as swimming and enjoying the wonders it gives us. Thanks to the manual skill that I inherited from my parents, I have been able to live off crafts. I work primarily papier-mâché, making puppets for children. I write for Havana Times for the possibility of sharing with the world the life of my country and my people.

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One thought on “A Full Stomach Makes a Happy Heart

  • You succeed in your objective of sharing your world with others Nike.

    Fidel Castro understood the dreams of Cubans, he posed as intending to fulfill them, but in reality, sought only to replace one dictatorship with another – and he succeeded!

    Castro’s success represented the failure of the Cuban dreams which he himself in his hypocrisy defined on March 16, 1959:

    “There can be no danger if we do what Cubans want, if we provide social practice and solve the substantial social problems of all Cubans of liberty, of respect for individual rights, of freedom of the press and thought, of democracy, of liberty to select their own government.”

    The legacy of Fidel Castro is described over sixty years later by Nike when he writes:

    “We are becoming more and more like our brothers and sisters, the cave people, giving survival our absolute attention: food.”

    The Castros and their pursuit of the Stalinist interpretation of Marx/Engels/Lenin has robbed the Cuban people of opportunity, of social progress, of happiness and hope. Now, life is about survival.

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