“Amor Brujo” Video Musical

By Nike

HAVANA TIMES – The theater group El Publico, founded by its director Carlos Diaz in 1992, performed their debut of Amor Brujo last Friday, at the Trianon theater in Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

This musical by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, who I’m in love with, was sung and acted by counter tenor Fran Ledesma and Roberto Romero and played masterfully live by the Habana XXI ensemble, under Cesar Eduardo Ramos’ musical direction, using the Maria Lejarraga and Norge Espinosa arrangement, mise en scene by Carlos Diaz.

The show is 50 minutes long, but time flies by for viewers in their seats. The predominance of red in the actors’ clothes, as well as the lighting and musicians’ outfits, emphasize the intensity of a well-known work that still left me speechless.

The participation of “La Marca” designers and the performance of the “Fire Man” in the song about a wildfire offer a very rich and original backdrop to the period this story takes place in. Music fills the space while the viewer becomes immersed in a unique and personal experience.

Using my platform on HT, I’d like to recommend this show to anyone who has the chance to watch this new interpretation of Amor Brujo, don’t let it slip by and I’d also like to congratulate everyone who made this great work possible.

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