When “Everybody Is Good”

By Nike

My sign for free masks.

HAVANA TIMES – “Everybody is good” is the name of a Spanish documentary from the 1980s, do you remember? Well, things are happening in Cuba that fit that title.

I want to share several stories that are happening these days and that demonstrate the kindness of people, that is, of ordinary Cubans.

The first began after public transport was suspended to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Since then, two cousins who live separated by the Havana Bay tunnel that connects Habana del Este with Centro Habana and Habana Vieja, have found a benefactor who sends them the aid that they both send.

One of these bits of help begins with the intervention of the head of the office where the cousin who lives in Habana del Este works. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has personally taken the monthly salary to his employees’ homes. But due to the closure of the tunnel, she must leave the salary of her worker from Habana del Este at the cousin of Centro Habana.

This is where another benefactor comes in. He is a neighbor police officer of the Centro Habana cousin, who works in Habana del Este and every month brings the salary to the cousin most affected by the closure of the tunnel; in gratitude she gives him some mangos and bananas.

Another case is that of friends who exchange products they need, such as coffee for sugar or seeds to plant.

I also know of a neighbor who, in addition to running errands from his home, does all errands for two ladies over 80 so that they are not exposed to contagion, and without charging them a penny. The ladies in return give him mangos and sometimes they have given him a small package of coffee.

There is also the case of a brother who made an online purchase of food from another country so that his sister in Cuba eats well and does not go out.

For my part, since the epidemic began in my country I have been making free masks (nasobucos) for my neighbors and anyone who needs it; Anyone who walks down my street will see the sign at the entrance to my house. I only ask that you bring me the cloth.

Without a doubt, people’s appreciation has been one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me, but I have also been very excited to find pieces of fabric and spools of thread hanging in plastic bags on the fence of my house. I feel this is the least I can do to make these bad days for everyone – when we all should be good – end soon.

Pieces for a mask


Mask making


All different colors.


A finished product.



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  • As awful as this pandemic is, it’s heartwarming to hear the stories of people engaging in simple acts of kindness.

  • Thanks for sharing these very nice stories about people helping each other!

  • I am using in Canada where U am hunkered down having to leave Cuba, the masks which were made by a family member in Cuba, to exactly the same design as those made by Nike. it is I believe the design that was shown on TV and the Internet in Cuba. Mine are green.

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