Back to the Future (video)

Nonardo Perea

HAVANA TIMES — I’m confident that virtually no Cuban has been able to escape the experience you have when you get into a private shared taxi. The driver nearly always has music on to keep himself entertained along the journey and, in passing, he tortures his passengers.

This, a lot more, when the music that rules continues to be reggaeton which, from what I understand, has come to stay, like the rations book.

The worst thing is that once you reach your destination, after an hour traveling in the taxi, and you’re outside of the car, you have the lyrics of the song stuck in your head, and you tend to hum some of the lyrics you heard. Unfortunately, they get stuck in our heads because they can make ten songs with the same music track, which all sound the same and all they do is change the lyrics.

An experience like the one I’ve just described has served as inspiration for me to make a short movie or experimental video art, which briefly describes my journey home from the center of Havana in images, and which ends in a surprising and unexpected manner. The beginning of the movie was recording with a cellphone, and it ends in full HD.
Has something like this ever happened to you?


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