No to violence against the LGTBI community (Video)

Nonardo Perea

The murders of LGTBI people fall into a general silence.

HAVANA TIMES — While in Prague, one of our class tasks was to make a short 1 minute video, which would be called a capsule, and we were given the freedom to choose whatever subject we were interested in.

I chose the violence that the gay community in Cuba currently suffers, mainly transvestites and transgender people, people who are susceptible to violence and criticism.

Many people of this kind of orientation are not well looked upon, and generally-speaking, they are also labeled “outcasts” and considered to have few feelings, when they are actually people just like anyone else, and they feel and suffer the consequences of other people’s actions around them.

A lot of the time, the criticism and jokes border on the inhumane, and the rest of people, allegedly “normal”, don’t realize that these “other” people have a life; they have parents, siblings, family and friends who feel for them.

With free and divine Internet access, I surfed the web looking for information, which helped me to put together this short film which I will leave here for you to see, hoping as always, that you give your own opinions about this subject which is hardly spoken about in our country, if at all, and it’s of the utmost importance that we recognize the great extent of the problem that human beings suffer for loving and dressing differently.


Nonardo Perea

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  • Who pays for these visits to Prague?

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