They Threaten Me with Death

By Nonardo Perea

I have orders to kill you. And I’m going to obey. The time of the opposition in Cuba is over. Outside and inside. You will die first you ugly queer.

HAVANA TIMES – On Saturday, May 23, I received death threats on my Facebook account, and not only were they threats against me. The person, under a false identity, also threatened that something could happen to my family, and it would look like an accident, or a medical problem.

That same day, several Cuban activists, writers and journalists also received threats, among them are the writer and novelist Jorge Angel Perez, writer and journalist María Matienzo, and the journalists Yosmany Mayeta Labrada, and Maykel Gonzalez Vivero.

What strikes me the most is that we are all part of the LGTBIQ community, and we also actively work in the networks. Mariela Castro, as director of the National Center for Sexual Education, and defender of our rights, should take action on the matter, but we already know what will happen.

For Mariela, we are little ticks, and she will only defends those people who respect her crown and do not differ from her political and “revolutionary” ideas. And what does a “Cuban revolutionary” do? Just that, threaten, harass, and try to emotionally destabilize you.

And pity your family in Cuba. Anything can happend to them at any moment: an assault, a robbery, a heart attack.

Acts like these must be made public, so that the world knows how things are going in that Cuba that every day shows more of its true face.

This is called a hate crime, and it shows that those who call themselves revolutionaries, act like minions. They do it under false profiles and for this reason it is almost impossible to access the real person, much less can you make a formal complaint to the government, because they would tell you that it could be anyone.

The truth and more worrisome is that the aggressor manages personal information of everyone, and is loose on the networks, surely managing different profiles. Nothing happens because he feels safe and backed by a misgovernment that gives him the green light.

They do not even care that some of the threatened, live outside the island. I for my part, I tell them that I’m not afraid, they can do whatever they want with my life. I will continue working on my art, and They, with their actions, incite me more and more to make political art, and I tell them once again, nothing and no one is going to stop me. I am free and now I live in a free country, and no matter if it hurts whoever hurts, I will continue in my independent struggle.

5 thoughts on “They Threaten Me with Death

  • “I’m sure your police and government know about them it unmask the location of the person responsible for the threat”

    I’m sure too it’s likely themselves, nobody else threatens Cuban activists, writers and journalists except the authorities.

  • Suggestion – close down your facebook account.

  • Larry, a technical question. How do you track them if they are using a VPN?

  • Use an ip tracker I’m sure your police and government know about them it unmask the location of the person responsible for the threat

  • Sum Day Cuba Will Come Out Of The Darkest Of There Days, Until Then They Fall Farther & Father Behind The Real World. Sum Day Maybe

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