Blackouts Return to Venezuela

ON: Luxury tourism, Big events, Concerts, Bitcoin farms, Discos, Casinos, Hotels. OFF: Neighborhoods, Hospitals, Housing projects, Schools, Stores, Universities, Markets.

By Onai

HAVANA TIMES – The fuel crisis continues in Venezuela, and it isn’t the Imperialist iguanas’ fault, nor are the NATO dragons to blame, or the vultures of the axis of evil, who our leaders could blame the electricity crisis on, years ago.

Ungodly blackouts have returned, making the Venezuelan people’s lives difficult, already being hit by the shameless economic policy dreamed up by the Maduro Government and his henchmen. 

Long blackouts (and, as a result, cuts in Internet access) have caused delays and losses in businesses of people who produce, at schools and in hospitals.

The poor up-and-down service isn’t only a great predator of essential electrical appliances in the home but has also caused partial or total fires in lots of homes, without any government body taking responsibility for this economic loss.

But of course, they are right on time when it comes to sending you your bill.

Electricity has become a privilege for a select few. 

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