Inflation Consumes Venezuela

Inflation in Venezuela: It is so brutal that a salary isn´t even enough to buy some flour. Neither on the right or left.

By Onai

HAVANA TIMES – Since the last currency reconversion, the Venezuela bolivar had remained fairly stable in relation to the US dollar.

I mean, the prices of food and other basic products had stopped rising violently, from one day to the next, or from one hour to the next.

It was almost a year, in which the government and its economic partners dared to claim victory: supposedly, for them, Venezuela was “getting it right.”

Prices rose, because this year they never stopped increasing, but subtly, as if they did not want to raise alarms.

But about 20 days ago, those who had savings in bolivars were able to see how they dissolved like water in the bank, or in their own hands. If with 8 bolivars, or less, you could buy a kilo of flour for arepas, in those few hours in which the dollar rose, you could no longer buy even the cheapest flour.

The government accused a web page where the price of the dollar is published. We have been hearing the same accusations for 20 years. But they, too, conveniently raised the price of “their” dollar.

The matter was in the news for several days.

We return to the “normal” whereby a monthly salary is barely enough to eat.

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