Maduro Announces Iranian Cars to be Assembled in Venezuela

Our Iranian cars for our families and young people!

HAVANA TIMES – A week ago, President Maduro announced that they will begin to assemble and sell Iranian cars in our country.

According to the president, these cars are very economical and a good opportunity for students and workers, for the Venezuelan family. He said they only use 7 liters of gasoline every 100 kilometers.

If we consider that gasoline in Venezuela is already imported and sold at international prices, it would not hurt to have a thrifty car.

But these are not times to be thinking about new cars, even if they are thrifty. Why? Because these Iranian cars will sell for between eleven and sixteen thousand dollars.

It turns out that this same president, who has been in charge of destroying not only most of the labor benefits of Venezuelan workers, has also imprisoned those who demand their rights through unions or street demonstrations.

It has been this same president who has caused millions of Venezuelan families to be separated around the globe, that the level of education is at a new low point, not to mention the poor physical condition of schools and universities.

This president, who has impoverished, imprisoned, and stripped Venezuelans of their rights, now has the gall to promote these efficient little Iranian cars, perfect for his family, his business associates, and others in the favor of his corrupt government.

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One thought on “Maduro Announces Iranian Cars to be Assembled in Venezuela

  • I would have liked to see a photo of the Iranian car to be sold in Venezuela. Will it be another boxy, utilitarian style vehicle reminiscent of Soviet-era cars or have the Iranians managed to sneak in some style elements like the earliest Japanese imports? For only $17K, I am guessing something like the Russian Lada which is sold in Cuba.

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