No More Chavez Family Dynasty!

Rest in peace familia Chavez (1998 – 2022). No more monarchy in Barinas. We got rid of them with our votes.

By Onaí

HAVANA TIMES – No matter how precarious the cultural level of those who lead the Venezuelan government may be, they know very well the value and strength of a symbol. That is why, in the elections at the end of 2021, they defended the government of the state of Barinas with claws, teeth and trickery.

For those who do not know, Barinas is the home state of former President Hugo Chavez… and of course his family.

Ah, the family!

The Chávez Family has been in command of that Government since 1998. In these more than 20 years the region has practically been their large hacienda. The mismanagement has included improper handling of land and livestock, and institutions used as petty cash, influence peddling, patronage, and corruption at sugar mills.

Not to mention the tremendous inequality generated, where the poverty of Barinas inhabitants is felt despite the agricultural and livestock potential of that region.

The governing party (PSUV) lost the November elections in Barina last year and they did not want to recognize it. They imposed themselves through their court to repeat the elections at the beginning of this month of January. And they lost again. This time the defeat was so overwhelming that they had no choice but to admit it.

With the “punishment vote” the people rose up, fed up with corruption, and decided: No more Chavez family ruling!

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I like to write, but I don't do it. I prefer to draw and repair what is damaged if it can be fixed. I identify with what animals and the most vulnerable people feel. I like trees and I am hopeful even though time is running out for us humans on the planet. I was born in a soft, watery, generous, diverse and complex land subjected by the most perverse political ignorance of those who drown in their own speech. However, here I still am, trying to protect dreams.

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