Venezuela’s Workers’ Revolution

“This is a revolution by workers for workers!”

By Onaí

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro boasts of being a “workers’ president.”

Meanwhile, he keeps hundreds of workers and trade unionists from the main state structures in his jails.

The criminal act of these workers has been to denounce the corruption and extortion of the administrations, as well as countless irregularities within the state institutions. However, the most common motive that has led to their imprisonment has been to demand compliance with historically won labor demands that the Chavez/Maduro government refuses to comply with.

The workers’ president has not only turned his Venezuelan “colleagues” into slaves, but, through unfair or rigged judicial processes, or simply without any kind of criminal trial, he keeps them as common criminals, without hospital assistance, in isolation and with the physical and psychological torture as a method to “straighten conscience”.

It is important to mention that in Venezuela, according to the “Penal Forum” page, there are currently 251 political prisoners (119 civilians and 132 military); but an approximate 9,417 people are estimated without criminal proceedings or subjected to lethargic processes. The causes are usually: alleged acts of conspiracy, treason and / or rebellion.

 “Since 2014 there have been 15,750 political arrests in Venezuela.”

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I like to write, but I don't do it. I prefer to draw and repair what is damaged if it can be fixed. I identify with what animals and the most vulnerable people feel. I like trees and I am hopeful even though time is running out for us humans on the planet. I was born in a soft, watery, generous, diverse and complex land subjected by the most perverse political ignorance of those who drown in their own speech. However, here I still am, trying to protect dreams.