Nice Place in Disrepair

Osmel Almaguer
Osmel Almaguer

Today I’m a little sad. Retuning to my house, after spending a couple of days at my mother’s apartment, I found that the roof now has two leaks instead of one. In addition, the wall of the kitchen has no tiles and the outside of the house is in a sad state. The bathroom also lacks tiles, the toilet doesn’t flush, and the sink doesn’t work. It would depress anyone.

My father tells me that the roof situation could lead to a collapse and I believe him. However, for now there really isn’t much I can do. To repair it would cost approximately 200 CUC (US $250), equal to a complete year’s salary.

My house has two rooms plus an eat-in kitchen and a small bathroom. It was formed by partitioning off a part of the house that belonged to my parents. Now I have my own space and my father does too, although from the outside it looks like one.

The outside of the house is in a sad state
The outside of the house is in a sad state

If I could repair it that would be perfect, since the neighborhood – known as Berroa – is peaceful with lots of natural beauty. It’s very green, thanks to the abundant vegetation, and a fresh breeze blows that makes me breathe with pleasure. The tranquility here is only broken once in a while by the cars that pass by on the highway not far from my house.

For all those good things about where I live, today, my depression isn’t that profound. I think it will pass soon. These states of sadness are passing and I can’t let them drag on.

Now, I have to begin to work to put my life in order. Besides, I have a lot of people that help me, like my parents and co-workers.

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