The Importance of Change

By Osmel Almaguer

Havana, Cuba, photo: Caridad

Now, I am in charge of my own work, the sole person responsible for the activity that I carry out. The new director has deposited her confidence in me, which makes me feel greater responsibility, a sense of belonging and love for the work that I do. Suddenly, coming to work has become a positive thing, a way to develop your potential, something that for me greatly resembles a state of happiness.

Without the need for large investments or grandiose gestures, but by implementing a simple change and situating each person in their ideal station, we could resolve many of the problems that today strike us with great force in this country. Harmony is important in a collective and to maintain it we need the good will of its members.

Whereas previously we lacked organization, leadership, friendly relationships, understanding and listening at my workplace, now it’s just the opposite. This means that starting right now we all have some measure of appreciation for our new boss, who has learned from us, and has united us in our work.

Another of the important changes that has been made is replacing the Chief of Services. The former bureaucrat was very strict and demanding – in appearance – although in reality he could be faulted as an extremist and an opportunist. As workers, we lacked any kind of attention to our needs.

His replacement is guaranteeing us a snack in the middle of the morning. Although it’s small – a piece of bread with mayonnaise and a glass of fruit juice – it helps a lot, since the snacks that are sold in the area around the Book Institute costs the equivalent of one day’s salary or more.

Not long ago, I was at the point of asking for my resignation due to my growing discontent. Now I’d like to stay there for a long time, as long as conditions remain similar to these.

The changes that are being made at every level fill me with faith in the future. Some things, like public transportation, have already shown great improvement. There’s still a long way to go, but at least it’s a good beginning. The important thing is not to remain immobile or impassive in the face of things that aren’t functioning as they should.

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  • One thing about change son, is that it changes US more than Them!.

    Also Senor Lippman…We all make errors and if not how will we learn..Good piece Osmel

  • What does this mean?:

    “Not long ago, I was at the point of asking for my resignation “

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