Somewhere Between Ridiculous and Lies

A march organized by the government.

By Pedro Pablo Morejon

HAVANA TIMES – A government media outlet recently published an article with a photo of some twenty old people. All of them must be well over 80 years old. Some are wearing military uniforms, most of them are proudly displaying the dozens of medals they’ve earned, on their scrawny chests.

“Soldiers from the glorious 108 battalion in Holguin, standing by their Revolution. We don’t have the weapons we used in the Escambray mountains, or the machetes used in the three wars. As we’re already over 70 years old, we’ll have sticks to flatten violent young people consumed by hate.”

You’d think it was a joke, but it was serious. The government surprises us every day. It’s the apotheosis of evil, insolence and ridicule.

It just so happens that a group of eighty-year-olds consumed by hate, who were surely repressors or informers (or even killers maybe) in their younger years, are still willing to die to defend a totalitarian system that they have not only been assassins for, but also victims. They are still willing despite their years and the maturity that should have come with these years.

Or is this nothing more than a theater of double standards which the country has been subjected to for decades?

Also, these old people aren’t the worst thing here. The worst thing is that some officers among the ranks of the so-called National Revolutionary Police – who suffer the same anguish as the Cuban people with limited freedoms, lives of hardship and neglect in the face of a future that is becoming more and more uncertain – have demonstrated a clear willingness to beat and harass fellow countrymen, whose only crime is taking to the streets to exercise their rights of speech and protest.

They watched the crowd who were demanding change, with apparent impartiality, but as soon as Diaz-Canel gave the combat order, they were ready to repress, imprison (many dressed as civilians), and once they were out of the frame of an accusing cellphone, beat and mistreat citizens with all of their rage, just as you would expect from obedient thugs.

Later, a group of pseudo-journalists played their role of covering up, manipulating and justifying State repression. While pretty much nobody believes the story that the July 11th protests were organized by US Imperialism, there are always the simple-minded sheep who swallow their lies.

This is getting worse and worse, because even though they censored protests by brandishing the COVID-19 excuse, which according to official statistics (which aren’t always trustworthy) exceed 8000-9000 new cases every day, with almost 100 deaths, the dictatorship counteracted the mass protests with its “revolutionary marches”, which most people take part in out of obligation.

Even somebody who has won a certain respect among the general population, such as Dr. Duran, the National Director of Epidemiology, supported these ridiculous and fascist marches (which is inexcusable given his job) that expose the double standards that exist in the State’s handling of the Pandemic.

The little respect and empathy this man inspired in me disappeared, just like that. Just like the blue uniforms don’t inspire any respect anymore, much less empathy, if there’s any decency left to him.

In the meantime, amid a pandemic that has put Cuba currently in the lead with the highest infection rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the Americas, hundreds of young Cubans awaiting prison sentences for exercising their human rights, and a chronic shortage of medicines and food that has people living in a constant hell, the government blames the embargo and continues with its offensive of lies.

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Pedro Morejón

I am a man who fights for his goals, who assumes the consequences of his actions, who does not stop at obstacles. I could say that adversity has always been an inseparable companion, I have never had anything easy, but in some sense, it has benefited my character. I value what is in disuse, such as honesty, justice, honor. For a long time, I was tied to ideas and false paradigms that suffocated me, but little by little I managed to free myself and grow by myself. Today I am the one who dictates my morale, and I defend my freedom against wind and tide. I also build that freedom by writing, because being a writer defines me.

6 thoughts on “Somewhere Between Ridiculous and Lies

  • Cuba is like hell now and their buddy Maduro has turned Venezuela also into hell.
    Yet the Cuban and Venezuelan corrupt dictatorships continue down the same path of broken dreams.

  • Soon, very soon, all of this will seem extremely petty, especially to those in the South. An environmental catastrophe is looming. It is careening full speed ahead despite all the increasingly frantic warnings of the scientists of the World that apparently mean little. My taxes in the US still incredibly go to pay a $25 billion subsidy to oil corporations so that we can drive over the cliff. But we all know “Socialism doesn’t work” and “Individual greed advances an economy and ends up benefiting everyone”. So Pedro, thanks to your Capitalist heroes to the North you will have actual life threatening things to worry about. ( Don’t say that Fidel didn’t warn you 30 years ago).

  • Why all the talking? If you take to the streets the regime will topple.

  • The Castro dictatorship has historically used the incarcerated as the enforcers on the streets. Here’s what they do: Prisoners with less than a year left on their sentences are enticed with early release provided they are willing to go to the streets to crack skulls and break ribs of protesters. All of these prisoners are recruited because of their propensity for violence. Most are in prison for strong-arm robbery, domestic violence or assault of some kind. They are organized in small groups with a special police overseer whose job it is is to ensure that these thugs are sufficiently violent or risky losing their early parole. With no judgment of the company I have kept when I am in Cuba, I know two men and even a woman who were released early for this purpose.

  • Thanks for sharing the ‘here and now’ after the ‘there and then’. We are in the dark as to the status of the people that were arrested for only displaying their rights to protest and limits of freedom. And now with the rise of the Covid even more of the population is subject to same with no available vaccines or medicine to address same.
    In addition with the hurricane season upon CUBA, and with Fred coming through the Country this weekend along with the lack of Emergency preparedness it would be in the best humane interest to expedite the release of all the prisoners that caused no harm or violence to the community. All of this which will cause even more impact to the lack of the Cuban economy.

  • Curt? Nick? Are you? Are you enlighten? Or ideology had blind you ? Can you spell dictatorship?

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