Disrespect & Ways to Encourage Violence

Regina Cano


The grandmother heard the plastic bucket fall out on the porch, immediately followed by the little dog running into the house.  Chanel, the almost three-year-old girl, had let it in through the door as she fell on the floor.  The dog —a puppy in fact— insisted on following the steps of the children inside the home.

“I don’t want dogs in here,” the grandmother snarled.  All that could then be heard were the old woman’s screams and an excuse for Chanel, who had already given the puppy a good spanking with her house shoe.

After that scolding, all attention was directed toward her cousin, who was a few years older.  More strikes with her house shoe and she threw any object she could get her hands on at him.

Later, the aunt told him, “If you get hit, you hit back, because you have to defend yourself, and tell your uncle that he’s an idiot and a hardhead.

The Salesperson

Alba and I were on the telephone; she in her house on a cell phone and me lying down in my bed.  She heard a heavy knock at her door.

“I thought you were the owner of the house, the one who pays for everything here,” said told the man at the door in fairly soft tone, though not hiding her reproach.

Since her phone was still in her hand, I half heard what the man said, but it was enough to hear the response given by her: “And more if you had anything worth buying.”

I think the annoyance he caused didn’t allow her to even consider if she needed to buy what the man was selling.

The exhibitionist

The young woman could only climb up as far the next-to-the-last step at the front door of the bus; there was no space left.  The vehicle was packed and there was no where else.  The boy accompanying her was in front of her, and behind her was a man crammed against the door.

I was told by a friend (a passenger on that same bus) that suddenly the young woman began to give the man behind her galletas (blistering slaps to the face).  Between the repeated swats, she screamed, accusing him of having “ejaculated” on her clothes.  Her shouting didn’t stop her from thrashing this guy until the bus got to its next stop, where the door opened and the man escaped running.

It was then that angry voices could be heard protesting the pajuzo (the masturbator), who by that time neither hide nor hair could be seen.