Fidel Castro and the United States

Rosa Martínez

Fidel Castro. File Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — In recent weeks, social networks were once again filled up with comments about the life – or, better said, the death – of the world-famous leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro.

Probably no one was surprised to read that Castro was dead on some web-site. While president, they tried to assassinate him hundreds of times, and people have announced his death a fair number of times since he passed on the torch to his brother in 2006.

His opponents in Cuba have drunk and sung with joy more than once since he grew ill eight years ago. As for the anti-Castro lot in Miami, well, they’ve been dreaming about his death for more than 50 years and don’t forgive themselves for having been unable to take him out. And while few people actually care about how he’s doing now, many are not happy to know he’s alive, breathing and pissing people off.

I, who once believed Fidel was immortal, also thought he had died, as this occasion was the longest he’d been away from the public (a year and then some).

We even talked about his possible death at home, and how little of an impact it would have on Cuba and the world today, after eight years away from authoritarian power on the island. Though many are followers of his ideas, things are unquestionably not the same.

If anyone was sure he had gone, if they believed his last resting place was being prepared in Havana, it seems as though they were wrong again, as his last letter attests to the fact he’s alive. It’s not that I doubt someone else could write those words (something entirely possible), but this business of “I don’t trust the United States,” those words could only have come from him.

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  • Why do some always blame all the troubles in Cuba on the USA? The USA is but one country, under no obligation at any time to trade with any other country, or supply goods to any other country.

    Shouldn’t Cuba be able to support it’s self by now? Why are so many fields grown up in brush and no longer productive, making food for the citizens?

  • You are right to have believed that Fidel is immortal, just think about how many presidents he has outlived!, literally. How many other leaders of the Free World have you see do that?

    1) Kennedy
    2) Lyndon Johnson
    3) Richard Nixon
    4) Gerald Ford
    4) Ronald Reagan

  • Personal attack? Off-thread comment? Ooooh, you really got me with that one.

  • actually!.. I could go as far as to say everything you say betrays how completely uneducated and and totally ignorant are on Cuban or global issues.

  • Well thanks to you on the far right, Fidel and Raul AND the overwhelming majority of Cubans who support both the revolution and their government AS BAD AS THEY ALL KNOW IT IS can blame the 54 year embargo .
    They will credibly continue to be able to do so as long as you die-hards maintain the embargo and the general air of hostility emanating from the Empire.
    Give back Guantanamo, end the embargo and pay Cuba back for some of the US1Trillion the embargo has cost the Cuban economy in that half century and then we can chat about whether Cuba is a failure .
    You just try to name a country , a system a people who could or would withstand that 54 years of hard life and who are now about to claim victory over the Empire .
    Scores of countries fell to the Empire .
    Cuba did not.

  • Envy for what Castro has done? And what is that exactly? The destruction of Cuban society? The crumbling infrastructure.

    I take some solace in knowing that every time he looks at Havanas crumbling ruins he knows he failed and that his revolution does with him

  • You support and follow four totalitarian belief systems as I have pointed out on numerous occasions .
    I had hoped that I would not have to repeat them again but you remain true to character in your willful ignorance.
    Your four totalitarian belief systems are Capitalism, religion, the US oligarchy and the traditional nuclear family structure. .
    How can you reconcile what you practice, what you live all of your waking life, what you espouse and pimp most of your waking life… with your self-professed desire for democracy in Cuba ?
    The Cubans need it but you don’t ?
    BTW this is strictly rhetorical . No response is wanted.
    I already know what you’ll say.

  • Strange? That’s the best ya’ got?

  • More “strange” comments by Moses

  • For the foreseeable future, Fidel is still alive and kicking, unlike a good number of those who have wished him dead or attempted to assassinate him.
    Don’t you just love the mentality of the despots who have little more than envy for all that Castro et al have done?
    As for not trusting the US, why should he or anyone else? The average American doesn’t trust his fellow citizen, (with considerable justification).

  • Unlike the majority of anti-Castro pro-Cuban democracy supporters, I hope that Fidel lives a few years longer. I hope he lives long enough to see a free press and open and independent elections Cuba. Just two of the many things he destroyed. At this point, as long as they continue to change his diapers and empty his stoma bag, he should putter along just fine.

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