Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day

Rosa Martinez

A father at the neighborhood “bodega” store. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — On the second Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s day in Cuba, like many people do in other countries, a time when this unconditional, loyal and loving person is honored in a special way, that it’s not only our mothers who brought us into the world or raised us, but our grandmothers, aunts, even a beloved neighbor too.

Before the abovementioned date rolls around, people start running around like crazy looking for a present or money to be able to celebrate one of the most beautiful days on the calendar with their family.

Now, it will be Father’s day next weekend – like it always is on the third Sunday of June – which is also a love-filled day, but it of course doesn’t have as much impact or is covered by the media as much as the former.

Among the general hustle and bustle of people, I recently heard a joke, it might be a bit tiresome for some people, but it could also be very true, and I would like to share it with our friends here at Havana Times.

A drunk man asks another drunk man, who we will call Juan: “What do Mother’s day and Father’s day have in common?”

“That’s easy,” answered Juan, “fathers celebrate Father’s day.”

“And Mother’s day?” asked the first man.

“Ah, fathers celebrate that one too hahahaha.”

Even though they were both very drunk, I think the two men were still right to some extent, what do you think?

Rosa Martínez

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