You tell me…

Veronica Fernandez
Veronica Fernandez

Yesterday at work, my colleagues were discussing the expectations of the Cuban people following the election of a new US president. It made me wonder: Will Obama really be able to solve the massive financial crisis that is threatening his country?

It seems to me that there is not much difference between a Democrat and a Republican, given that the hundreds of millions of dollars they spent on the election campaign could have alleviated some of the hunger and health problems confronting humanity in today’s world.

During my recent visit to Central America, I was witness to the shocking contrast between the dire poverty of the population and the wealth of an all-powerful elite, which invades the streets with ostentatious cars while those with nothing beg at stoplights and in doorways.

So, my question is this: is it necessary to spend so much on campaigns? Will the lavish spending lead to solving the grave problems facing US society and in turn, the world?

As far as Cuba goes, we Cubans know that it would be very difficult for Obama to eliminate the blockade because the obstacles, commitments and pressures against it are strong. But we hope that there will be measures taken to improve on the current situation.

I think that Cubans living in the US today who have families on the island should be able to come here every year and not wait three years or have to travel illegally via third countries.

I also wonder why a cousin is not considered a family member by the US government and thus can’t even visit Cuba every three years.

How can it be that a family only consists of parents, siblings, spouses and offspring? Are my uncles, aunts and cousins not my family just because the US government has declared it so? That’s completely ridiculous.

Hopefully Obama will lift at least some of the restrictions that we Cubans suffer today. It would also make me happy to know that he is not going to promote intervention and military aggression. I believe in peace and solidarity among peoples.

Last night, before I fell asleep, I reflected on how marvelous it would be to embrace or converse with family members I haven’t seen for a long time. How helpful it would have been if they could have come here to support me when my mother died not long ago. I simply had to resign myself to merely listening to their voices, cracking and weeping, for a few minutes on the phone. Is this just and humane or only whim and brutality? You tell me…

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  • I think they spent nearly U.S. dollars on the elections. And what did the world get? Another Wall St. puppet. This one just looking “New & Improved” over the previous models. So ‘Buyer Beware’: you will get the same old brutality, no matter who is in the White House, Veronica. But deep down inside I’m sure you know that.

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