Cuba’s X Alfonso in Concert at the University of Havana

X Alfonso

Yanelys Nuñez Leyva  (Photos: Hansel Leiva)

HAVANA TIMES — The melodies that renowned Cuban musician X Alfonso delighted us on a recent Saturday night, during a concert held at the steps of the University of Havana (UH), still resonate in my mind.

Numbers that are part of the soundtrack of the Cuban film Havana Blues, as well as some pieces from the albums X More (2001), Civilizacion (2005), Revoluxion (2007) and Reverse (2011), were the songs performed by this impetuous artist.

Though this is the first concert of his I attend, I can confidently say it is one of the most memorable.

The concert combined different artistic expressions: a performance by a female DJ (at the beginning of the concert), the projection of images on the façade of one of the university buildings (by the group IMG) and, of course, X Alfonso’s music.

These elements were fused into such a harmonious whole – shot through with intense vibrations – that the night, threatened by the rain, took on an unexpected color and radiance.

Those in attendance followed X Alfonso’s performance enthusiastically and even sang many of his numbers along with him, yelling out his name in unison at the end of the concert for him to regale them with one more piece.

The concert, organized as part of the end-of-summer activities held around the city and in celebration of the coming World Youth and Students Festival, became a means of individual and collective liberation, where the hope for change become palpable.


X Alfonso’s performance made this past August 31st a special, explosive and unique day.

The sincerity and spontaneity that emanated from the artist and his band gave us an unforgettable lesson: that falling in love again, as we hear in one of his songs, is our only hope.





Yanelys Nuñez

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  • I am from Canada and I love this guys music… I have the tribute to Benny More and Civilization, and Revoluxion but do you think in Habana (Casa La Musica) I could find Habana Blue or Reverse??? Not that popular I was told??? I did managed to get Habana Blue through a bootleg CD dealer… Great movie as well through Pirate Bay… Hopefully one day I will get to see him play live…

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