Independent Cuban Cultural Project Offers Residency

Yanelys Nunez Leyva

On the day of the initial presentation of the residency announcement.

HAVANA TIMESColon Cultural, a Cuban non-governmental project, just launched its call for artist, curator and research residency applications as well as for people interested in working with and in outlying communities.

The residency includes a 50 CUC monthly grant for the selected person over three months and has a 150 CUC final production budget.

Open to both Cubans and foreigners, with no age limit, the grant is intended to fit with the needs of every idea, always in relation to Colon Cultural’s economic means.

Nevertheless, the directors of the initiative will always provide information, curatorial advice and a connection with the audience, something which is needed for the work to develop in the best way possible.

In order to apply, you must send your CV and a project which you would like to develop in the Colon neighborhood or any other outlying space/community, by April 1st of this current year.

Colon Cultural was founded in 2016 by Reinier Guerra and Juan Guerra and they think of their initiative as a platform for exchanges; as a link between communities who enter within the term “periphery”, institutions and artists.

Over the last year that they’ve been active, they have held different events such as performance art installations, workshops for Cuban artists, Caribbean film viewings, documentary viewings, concerts, conferences, etc.

The initiative, which wants to become an organization, in addition to its aforementioned founders, is also made up of linguists Glenda Ferbeyre and Cecilia Gonzalez, among other people who have more technical roles.

This project is funded by private donations made by artists and people who are in touch with this kind of work in the social sphere.

It is also supported by the Popular Council in the area.

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  • I think that this initiative is a great idea. As a Canadian who had the good luck to have a local guide who knew Cuban artists willing to open their studios, I got to see some stunning work while in Havana this past November. Young artists selling their work in open air spaces also caught my attention. I am going to learn Spanish before returning to Havana, but art is a great communication tool that erases boundaries and builds bridges between people.

  • Can you supply contact information? Nothing seems to come up when I search. Thank you

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