Maduro and his BBB Plan


With the price of motor oil out of reach, many drivers are buying burnt oil.

HAVANA TIMES – It’s already a well-known saying: Maduro will get Venezuela back on track “by hook or by hook” and with “a baseball bat in hand”.

The Cuban/Venezuelan advisers haven’t had the creative flair to capture the image and make it into a slogan this time. They could have baptized the new blow the president and his close rulers will deliver to the economy (traditionally known as the “package”) “Plan BBB”… or, to be more frank, Plan Baseball Bat.

He warned that the baseball bat will be reserved for oligarchs who sabotage the recovery process, but he didn’t say it was “just for them” and he also didn’t clarify what kind of oligarch he was referring to. Aren’t he and those who rule this country oligarchs…?

Wait, Maduro, do you really know what this word means? Look here, my lad, an oligarch is a member of the oligarchy, and this is a form of government where a very select few hold all power… let’s see… ah, yes, Maduro, you and Cilita, Diosdado Cabello, the two Tareks, Jorge Rodriguez and his top model sister, and the two or three others that rule this country. If that isn’t called an oligarchy…

Ah, but I’m sure you were of course referring to those who flaunt economic power… in that case (Bakunin)… You, Maduro, are also an oligarch in this other sense of the word!

Gas station

Bearing in mind the fact that you won’t beat yourself up with this baseball bat, and less your mates on your own team (as long as they always respect the rules of the game), it’s a beautiful metaphor for what they are about to do. Oil prices are about to be jacked up, and what would be a better time than now to do this? The answer is of course, at any other time! But, that doesn’t matter because the bat’s there, in his hand.

This isn’t the best time for this darned price hike because, before doing this, the government got rid of taxes on transnational oil corporations’ profits (while the Venezuelan people need to pay 12% VAT on everything they buy), because people who live off one income or, quite simply, don’t have a car or the one they have is broken (and it normally costs more to fix it than what it originally cost them to buy it) need to travel on public or private transport and both systems have collapsed.

People are paying to travel in trucks that aren’t fit to transport people. This increase in fuel prices would be the perfect excuse for private drivers to make their services even more expensive.

And they aren’t going to jack up fuel prices just like that. First, Maduro has warned us, kindly, that Venezuelan citizens who don’t have a homeland card must apply for one and take part in the census of everyone who owns a car because those who have a homeland card will be able to choose to buy gas at a regulated price, while those who don’t will have to pay international market prices.

This would mean that filling a 5-liter motorcycle tank would cost approximately 20 million bolivars if they don’t have a homeland card. However, this is just speculation because a currency revaluation is coming, it’s not just higher fuel and basic services prices.

Waiting for transport.

Venezuela will sink into chaos in just a few days. You don’t need to be a pessimist to know what’s going to happen. They are going to take 5 zeros off the bolivar and other notes will come into effect, but both types of currency will be circulating for a short while. Banks won’t offer any services, at least for a day. Knowing how bad their websites are, I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I don’t believe they’ll be able to implement this in a day (although some people have been honest and talked about banks not offering any services for a few days).

On the other hand, price discrimination won’t only favor the dollar, but now fuel will also have two prices, one for “patriots” and the other for the “stateless”. If we bear in mind the fact that everything that is forbidden flourishes and that everything that is regulated creates more speculation, we can also guess that filling a tank of gas in the next few days will be the same as venerable Odysseus’ journey home.

Maduro is betting on the economy recovering (in the next two years, according to his economist’s assessment) with this simple measure of jacking up fuel prices and taking zeros off the strong Bolivar. Don’t forget that he told us he was doing this while holding a baseball bat and after eliminating taxes for those who exploit Venezuelan oil. Who is going to pay the price for this alleged recovery?

3 thoughts on “Maduro and his BBB Plan

  • We agree Carlyle, the Cuban interference in matters, also, of counterintelligence is what has made it possible for Maduro to continue in Miraflores.

  • ‘The Economist’ had an interesting article about the drone attack, it concludes:
    Despite the generals’ privileges, many in the army suffer privations, too. Discontent in the ranks has grown. Dozens of officers have been arrested over the past year or so. including generals who were close to Chavez. The only thing preventing a coup against Mr. Maduro is his team of Cuban spies. The intelligence services broke up a serious plot in May.
    Mr. Maduro leads the pro-Cuban faction in the regime. By blocking democratic change and by faiIing to halt Venezuela’s decline, Mr. Maduro has made himself vulnerable to removal by force. This could happen tomorrow-or never.
    Uneasy lies the head that fears a drone.”

  • Maduro would maintain that the price of goods is not going up in Venezuela. It’s just that the value of Venezuelan money has gone down, down, down DOWN!

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