The Agony of Venezuela

Line for gasoline in Venezuela.

By Caridad

HAVANA TIMES – Sometimes I stop writing because if I do it regularly my liver will get sick.
To live in Venezuela without falling ill with hatred, you have to have great willpower, and a Cuban degree in that ability doesn’t hurt.

The difference between the “patriot” dollar and the “enemy” dollar is equivalent to the price of a piece of candy.

The lack of gasoline continues to rule the country. It is not the virus that keeps us from one week to another inside our homes, it is the absence of transportation, cash, and orders from Miraflores (Presidential Palace), which fears a citizen explosion more than the virus.

Gas for cooking is still absent from most homes, people depend on electricity for cooking, but outside of Caracas blackouts exceed 6 hours a day.

Venezuela has dropped off the center of international news, because it is not one of the countries with the highest number of deaths from the virus. This has allowed the regime to increase the level of its repression with impunity.

A few weeks ago the DGCIM (Military Counterintelligence) kidnapped the family of the director of the news portal Punto de Corte. They threatened his wife not to move from their apartment (where there were a child and two elderly women with serious health problems) until Nicmer Evans appeared so they could arrest him.

The cause for taking him prisoner was “incitement to hatred.” Ironically, hours earlier, a government “journalist” had offered Evans a few blows.

However, this isn’t the only case, of course, it’s only the one most talked about in the last month.

I would prefer not to touch on this subject, because my words, according to the new laws in Venezuela, can be taken as an “instigation to hatred.” Anything that smells of discomfort, nonconformity, criticism or simple humanism can be classified as hatred and off to jail … or worse.

For the record, the counterintelligence agents physically attack the detainees, and yes, they torture them as well.

Other more important things currently attract attention in the rest of the world. The regime knows it and continues to destroy the country at will.

Apartment building in Caracas

3 thoughts on “The Agony of Venezuela

  • As the song says Moses:

    “It’s the same the whole world over”

    No doubt Nick can recall the complete Cockney verse, which runs:

    “It’s the same the whole world over,
    It’s the poor what gets the blame,
    It’s the rich what gets the pleasure,
    Ain’t it all a bleedin’ shame.”

  • Nonetheless I remain amazed at the 30-35% of Venezuelans who continue to support Maduro and his dictatorship. Oh wait…30-35% of Americans support Trump. Is 30-35% the international number of idiots alive today? Scary to think about it….

  • Just another day in Venezuela…

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