The Big Celebration: 60 Years of Good Intentions?


HAVANA TIMES –  We are less than two weeks away from the first day of 2019, which will mark 60 years of involution, I mean revolution, in Cuba.

Sixty years of state capitalism, Russian-Caribbean socialism or, simply, of a Castro monarchy.

I found this photo among the hundreds that I have managed to save from my walking through the streets of Havana, to be more exact Centro Habana.

It seems to me a fairly balanced summary of what these 60 years have been like.

The “poster” is headed by the word Warning. If you Warn instead of Summon it is almost a threat, or at least an obligation, which becomes a contradiction when we continue reading and we find the words Volunteer Work.

This, in my view, is the essence of the so-called Revolution. To turn into obligation, into dogma, into absurdity (supposedly for world peace) what could have been the getting together of a group of people to carry out useful work for the community, both educational and liberating.

The rest of the photo speaks for itself.

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