11th Havana Times Photo Contest Winners

HAVANA TIMES – After a full month of work the 15-member jury has given its verdicts in the 11th Havana Times Photo Contest.  The jurors this year were participating from Venezuela, United States, Ireland, Cuba, Spain, Canada & Portugal.

I hope all you participants enjoyed taking part in this year’s contest and we welcome you back for future events.  Much thanks to the jury for their tireless volunteer work that has made the contests a mainstay on the Havana Times website.

To match the photo numbers you can review the post of the finalists.  

In the category of Tourism World we started with 66 pictures and the nine finalists and their point totals were:

82 by Antonio Cabrera 49 points  –  Winner

148 by Eglys Bouza 46 points – Special Mention

83 by Antonio Cabrera 45 points

113 by Dave Coronel 18 points

117 by David Benjamin 29 points

118 by David Benjamin 23 points

120 by Douglas Prentiss 42 points

223 by Jose Cespedes 20 points

313 by Nan Calora 11 points


The WINNING photo by Antonio Cabrera

By Antonio Cabrera

I’m a person who enjoys photography as an amateur. I am Mexican living in the port city of Veracruz. My photography mainly focuses on the way of life of the places I visit as well as its landscapes. I have 53 years of self-employment and I take advantage to document the places I visit.

I took the winning photograph in March this year when I was visiting Cuba for the third time. It was on a visit to the Cueva del Indio in Viñales, Pinar del Rio. I saw the car and it seemed like an incredible contrast, a car from the 50s in the Cuban countryside.


SPECIAL MENTION went to Eglys Bouza

By Eglys Bouza


In the Category of Sculptures and Monuments we started with 54 photos and seven made it to the finals:

145 by Eglys Bouza 72 points – Winner

328 by Patricia Fernandez 53 points – Special Mention

19 by Alex Gamez 27 points

45 by Alice Batonyi 36 points

59 by Alice Hawkes 25 points

165 by Felix Lupa 46 points

186 by Gabriel Garcia 24 points



The WINNING photo by Eglys Bouza

By Eglys Bouza

I am an amateur photographer that resides in Havana, which gives me the subject matter for my pictures.  This photo was taken on a summer afternoon in the Maceo Park.  The girl in her playing appears to damage the monument which at the same time doubles over from her weight.  The weight that maybe represents the indifference of these times.  


SPECIAL MENTION went to Patricia Fernandez

By Patricia Fernandez


In the Category of Life in Cuba we started with 24 sets of 8-12 pictures each.  Six sets made it to the final round:

314-323 by Paco Murillo 86 points – Winner

152-163 by Felix Lupa 76 points – Second Prize Winner

7-18 by Alejandro Arce 42 points – Special Mention

84-95 by Antonio Cabrera 26 points

173-184 by Gabriel Garcia 32 points

225-233 by Jose Cespedes 18 points


The Winning Set of photos by Paco Murillo

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A Special Day

By Paco Murillo
Life in Cuba usually has a daily routine, from which it escapes on specific occasions, or on specially designated days.

This report shows one of those days where the routine is broken, in the context of a peasant family from the Cuban West, located in Pinar del Río and dedicated to the cultivation of tobacco.

A special day could be for many reasons, this time it was the visit of relatives who come from afar. Other relatives and friends will attend the meeting.

This report does not show the celebration itself, but the preparation for the gathering that will come later. Preparations that breathe illusion and festivity.

The attitude is different, there is more time to share with the family, the atmosphere becomes festive and bonds are strengthened. Although the work is present, you have to prepare the pig that was killed the day before, make the fire to cook it, etc.

While the kitchen fumes in the rustic home, the casseroles are at full capacity preparing the congri (rice and beans), the yucca with mojo garlic topping, the tostones (double fried plaintains) and the rest of the food that will accompany the pig on this special occasion. There is time to roll tobacco and share with the guests that are arriving. Some too, to keep their ideals in mind, and share them.
Then other family and friends will arrive, some neighbors from neighboring farms that will join the party, while contributing something to share. Music and laughter, fun and joy, memories and emotions will grow stronger. And so, until dawn surprises them by sharing and celebrating together … but that will be another report.


Second Prize Winner – Felix Lupa

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Special Mention – Alejandro Arce

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5 thoughts on “11th Havana Times Photo Contest Winners

  • I have travelled all over the world and in the 60s and 70s worked briefly in Czeckovalakia, Russia, East Germany and Roumania (all Iron Curtain countries). I lived and worked in Hong Kong for six years and visited most of the far east-Macau, Japan, South Korea and the Philipines, etc.

    I have been to Cuba nine times and think that this is a marvelous country-but it is all about the Cuban people talented, well educated, proud and the friendliest I have ever met.

    I just cannot underestand the US outlook-regarding Cuba, it is typical of a country where the dollar rules everything and money and prejudice prevales. Having worked with the US in the far east and worked for them, I think that they have a lot of learn-diplomacy being just one of them. As for the American “Dream” it is a mith!

    I love Cuba and hope that in the near future things improve for their people-without destroying their lovely spirit and gracious character.

    Viva Cuba

  • The Island
    I went to the island, I had some doubt,
    I really didn’t know, what it was all about.
    Juleo took me, to Byamo Town square,
    for home made ice cream, from the vender there.
    Then to the market, for a real Cuban lunch,
    A stop for espresso, peanuts by the bunch.

    In his horse and buggy, I went with Jose,
    in the village Marea, I spent the day.
    Then to the island Cayo Blanco,
    Dan took me out,
    taught me to snorkel, from a fishing boat.
    Swimming and dancing, volleyball in the sun,
    My holiday was, all good times and fun.

    I really had, a fun filled notion,
    so under the stars, I swam in the ocean.
    Santiago in your office, wait for us,
    I’d rather take a scooter, than ride the bus.
    I won’t forget Pepito, Martha and Noe,
    Dunia and Jonathan, her sweet little boy.
    I met Roberto, Geogalina, and Felix their son,
    met my friend Xiamara in the Village Pilon,
    In the Sierra Maestros, I’ve nothing to fear,
    I was taken care of, by my family there.
    I leave my friends, with love and a smile,
    I now know my trip, was really worthwhile.

    Que Pasa Chito, “What’s happening my friend,
    to your island of Cuba, I’ll be back again.

    The people, the country, is ever so rare,
    the honesty, beauty, none can compare.

    Peggy Shand

  • Stunningly evocative of a brave and creative society. Cuba is a unique place cherished by and in these photos.

  • Songo La Maya, Santiago de Cuba

  • I live in the United States have been here 60 years I love my country Cuba it is my heart and soul I left when I was seven after finishing at the Quaker School in Puerto Padre.
    El Colegio Wilmington.
    there is no State except maybe Alaska and Hawaii in the United States that does not have poverty deprivation and the same pictures you are showing of Cuba no one has put sanctions against the United States so what is their problem? Speech to text on this report

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