Bells for Everyone (+Video)

By Irina Pino

HAVANA TIMES – When I first heard Bob Dylan’s Ring Them Bells song, I was impressed with its poetic, biblical, human bearing. This is not unusual, the poet always takes us by the hand to show us his universe and touch us deep.

Every time I heard it images came to me. Maybe I wanted to write a poem, but I was sure I could never match a text like his, that rupture, the magic touch of a great artist.

So I thought about the idea of ​​making a video, but where would to get the images I needed? The answer was found looking at photos of US photographer Dianne Arbus, who portrayed those singular faces, with their ugliness and beauty.

Then I went through a portfolio of plastic artists, where I chose works by Andy Wahrol, Vicent Van Goth, René Magritte and Franz Marc, among others. To which I added images of mine. I appreciate the editor’s eye for the job. Here is the video that we prepared; I hope you like it.

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