Cuba Moves Towards Russian Mafia Capitalism

President Miguel Díaz-Canel and Russian advisor Titov Boris Yurievich, accompanied by other officials, this January in Havana. (Presidency)

It is the defeat of communist ideology, without disguises or half measures. But it is also the victory of the continuation of Castroism

By Jorge Hernández Fonseca (14ymedio)

HAVANA TIMES – Cuba today faces a dangerous future: the implantation of Russian mafia capitalism on the Island. It is the defeat of communist ideology, without disguises or half measures. But it is also the victory of the continuation of Castroism, now without ideology, ruling on the Island. Russian capitalism works, although not in the democratic way it should. It is the farewell “gift” that Raúl Castro gives to Cubans, whom – like Fidel – he has always ignored.

An agreement for the implementation of the experiment has just been signed on the Island, between a direct envoy of Putin and the Castro authorities. Previously, Díaz-Canel and the Russian leaders had agreed to implement the “Russian political-economic system” on the island, a declaration of incompetence on the Cuban side to govern and give its people the minimum.

They have already delivered the Uruguay sugar mill in Jatibonico to Russia, and the Russians will enter the Island pretending to make “investments,” which will be nothing more than taking over all the unproductive companies in the country and sharing them with the local, incompetent communist leaders.

As part of the game – of course – they will have to give the Cuban farmers some economic freedom to produce. Then we will see a surplus of agricultural production since, whenever this has happened, farmers have filled the country with all kinds of food.

The political dictatorship will remain intact; the repression of opponents will be increased to maintain material and power perks; and those well-intentioned innovators outside the party will have their actions limited, because the idea is, as in Russia, that only the “partners” of the dictator can be “oligarchs,” to protect political power.

Most likely there will be food and some material goods, and the day to day will be more bearable. There will be no political and social freedom, and the only thing that can be expected from the dictator and his gang is that, as in Russia, they continue to oppress the people even as they end the ration book.

Translated by Regina Anavy for Translating Cuba

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10 thoughts on “Cuba Moves Towards Russian Mafia Capitalism

  • I am really hoping this is ‘fake news’… i have many friends in cuba and i haven’t been there in 3 years now because hotels are still closed, it has gotten very expansive and food is hard to come by… i do what i can helping friends and i was hoping to spend a big chunk of time of retirement there and with them, even opening a small restaurant with one of them, but if things keep going south… i might have to change my mind because i don’t want to invest in something so unstable. my heart bleeds for cubans.

  • David Milbourne’s memory is obviously failing. The Obama visit to Cuba, followed two years negotiations in Canada. Part of the agreement, was that he would be allowed to make a public speech given on TV. For that reason, his speech given at the Alicia Alonso Theatre on March 21, 2016, was live on TV. Sitting centre on the balcony, was then President Raul Castro Ruz, flanked by Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Bruno Rodriguez. In his speech, Obama spoke about the need for discussions regarding both the US embargo, and the US military base at Guantanamo. He stated clearly that in such negotiations, reciprocation would be necessary.

    It was on March 28, 2016, that Fidel Castro Ruz, in a four page letter in ‘Granma’ the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, and which was read on all Cuban TV channels that evening (it took 14 minutes), denounced “The man Obama” and all that he he proposed.

    The following day, March 29, 2016, Bruno Rodriguez as Foreign Minister for Cuba (Mr. Milbourne will recall him as the person who proposes censure upon the US every year, for the embargo), stated clearly that with regard to the proposal made by Obama: “There will be no reciprocation.”

    Despite Mr. Milbourne’s opinion, Donald J. Trump did not hold any political office at that time.

    I would add that I am on record in these pages for a dozen years or more, as being opposed to the US embargo, which serves the purposes of the PCC as being held responsible for all their mismanagement and incompetence. Whenever there is a problem in Cuba, responsibility is allocated to it. No mention that North Korea, China, Vietnam and Russia can supply any requirements, and frequently do.

  • Great David, since the endless embargo remains better for the Cuban government to endlessly complain than create viable economic policies starting with agriculture. Better to invest in jails and hotels. And by the way, the eternal leader Fidel Castro set the tone for not taking advantage of Obama’s offerings to Cuba. The Cuban communists missed their opportunity and then they got Trump. Now they are banking on Putin’s Russian billionaires to help them survive. Great choice.

  • One should not forget that Cuba has had to endure the longest embargo in history. Now sixty years old, the cruelest, inhumane embargo ever recorded, and condemned by The United Nations. Imposed by the world’s largest capitalist country, the United States of America. Now once again Cuba is turning to Russia for help. Another repeat performance when the U.S. last imposed an embargo, back in the 50s. I have been visiting Cuba for at least fifty years, and have a family there. I have seen the twists and turns, the ups and downs of what the Cubans have had to tolerate. For a short time under the last decent U.S president, President Obama, things began to improve. Then the worst president in U.S. history got elected, and cancelled all the good Obama had done. When Joe Biden got elected, my family asked, “do you think he will continue where Obama left off?”. Sadly to say, he has just sat on his hands, and wonders why so many Cuban asylum seekers, are landing up on his shores……

  • Methinks the author of the article is confused, most particularly with the concept that if giving Cuban farmers – in reality they are little more than small-holders with little knowledge of efficient agricultural production – some economic freedom, there would be an agricultural surplus! With over 80% of food being imported and a population of some 11million, that would require change beyond belief.

    He claims that “whenever this has happened, farmers have filled the country with all kinds of food.”


  • Olga suggests my comment contains defence or justification of Cuba’s current governance. My comment has neither.
    Jack clearly needs to re-read the original article. Possibly also needs an urgent laxative dosage coz Jack seems full of sh*t.
    Brew quotes Jesus. Or more specifically, Brew quotes Jesus quoting The Torah. The full version of this ancient Jewish text urges readers to look after the poor. Weirdly, Brew uses it to back up an apparent belief that Capitalism and Democracy are two sides of the same coin.
    A somewhat unholy but very interesting trinity of responses.
    It’s always interesting to throw in opinions which stray from the usual doctrinal orthodoxy of this commendable comments forum and see what the responses are.
    Very interesting indeed.

  • All dictatorships and totalitarian regimes are criminal organizations. Proven over and over. Point finale.
    History teaches us capitalism and democracy go hand in hand, and always succeeds in serving populations with freedom and prosperity, imperfectly. As Jesus said, you will always have the poor with you.

  • Nowhere in this article do I see the author infer anything about democracy and capitalism working. It simply states that political oppression will continue (no defense of the Castros here) and that food may become more widely available (again, no defense of the Castros here). I think the commentator does not know how to read and prefers instead to talk out of his ass.

  • Nick. Even in the most right wingers dictatorship in the world ppl had more freedom, and their individual rights and private properties respected that in this 64 years of Cuban dictatorship that has control of every Cuban citizen lives telling them where they can live and even in one point who they should have sex with. China and Vietnam and other experiments around the world are leftists dictatorships with capitalist markets and in the Middle East Theocracies with capitalism. But the root of capitalism is freedom. Yes Nick. Freedom that freedom that you enjoyed because you born in a Capitalist society ( England). With all your humans rights untouchables. But you think that Cubans don’t deserve the sane. Or that is what you show every time you have the opportunity to defend or justify the Cuban dictatorship.

  • The author of this somewhat ominous article infers that somehow capitalism and democracy are supposed to go hand in hand.
    That’s something of a large scale misconception isn’t it?
    I’m 100% sure that some ardent capitalists are indeed also fervent believers in democracy.
    But sadly, history teaches us that capitalism and democracy are, all too often, mutually incompatible.

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