Cuba Photo Contest Finalists (2012)

by Circles Robinson

Photo: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES — The 20-member jury is now faced with the hardest part, trying to reach a verdict for the winners of this year’s HT photo contest. The deadline for getting in their picks is midnight Tuesday Nov. 6th and we hope to tabulate and publish the winners by Nov. 9th.

In the Semifinal round the jurors picked their 15 favorites from each category as finalists. With some ties, the final round selection involves between 17 and 19 photos in each category.

The jurors are now being asked to choose their first, second, third and fourth place favorites in each category. The photos will be awarded 10, 5, 3 1 points accordingly.

A total of 87 persons took part in the contest sending in 504 photographs for consideration.

Since the contest selection is still in progress we have not included any names or photo captions, the same way that the jury sees the pictures.

Enjoy looking at Cuba through the eyes of our participants from the island and around the globe.

Each of the 5 categories, Games, Trees, Uniforms, Pets & Musicians have a separate gallery.

Click on them individually to see the photo contest finalists.