Cuba’s Circus Performers in Venezuela

Photo feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 8 — Whenever I go to the circus I can’t avoid getting a little nervous. I don’t know, maybe the child that almost all of us carry around inside comes out. I always feel like this, laughing at any silly routine they do, as long as the clown doesn’t put on a dramatic face and doesn’t try to make people laugh at the expense of someone in the crowd who has a “defect.”

I suppose that’s why we have circuses, to make us forget what’s outside the big tent —whether it’s visible or not— and to leave us sitting there squeezing each other’s hands with our mouths open in laughter or amazement. If we don’t walk inside willing to forget that we’re mature, it’s better not to go to the circus.

Here in Venezuela I again found myself before a group of Cuban circus performers. It’s been a while since I’ve had the luck to see them, maybe because it’s increasingly rare for a circus company to move around Havana, like they did when I was a little girl.

In any case, I sat down along with the others —children and “adults”— and from time to time I let go of their hands so I could take some photos, though I’m sure they don’t do justice to expressing the great time we had with this small band of Circo del Sur (the Circus of the South).

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