Peter C. Bjarkman*

Adeinis Hechavarria is playing infield for the Toronto Blue Jays.

HAVANA TIMES — While Cuba’s vaunted national team was reestablishing some much-needed credibility last month at the Haarlem Baseball Week, ex-patriot Cuban players were also continuing to make considerable noise on more-celebrated major league diamonds.

Aroldis Chapman has finally begun to display that can’t-miss stardom many were touting a few years back, while Yoennis Céspedes has so far enjoyed a rather noteworthy if not eye-popping rookie campaign.

At the same time veteran Liván Hernández has been busy tracking down several long-standing pitching milestones earlier owned by some of his pre-revolution Cuban countrymen.

And most recently two largely unheralded newcomers (one a recent Cuban League “defector”) have now elevated to 169 the total number of athletes to reach the pinnacle of the major leagues from the baseball-loving island nation of Cuba.

In recent weeks there has been plenty of Cy Young conversation surrounding the work of Chapman in the Cincinnati bullpen. It looks like the on-field performance (with 28 bullpen saves out of 32 chances and 106 Ks in only 57 innings) is finally beginning to overshadow some of the embarrassing off-the-field theatrics (which this season have already included such escapades as an arrest for driving with a suspended license and a largely hushed-up theft of the thousands of dollars in jewelry from Chapman’s hotel room by a bad-risk female companion).

Céspedes (currently boasting 14 homers and a .306 BA) remains a solid presence in the Oakland lineup although he will certainly not post the hefty numbers some were dreaming of after his fast start back in April. In Chicago Dayan Viciedo (sitting on 17 round-trippers) has steadily been emerging as a more potent offensive star than fading teammate Alexei Ramírez (who still owns a hot glove despite his ice-cold lumber).

Kenny Morales has again rebounded from a couple of years of injuries; Morales entered the record books on July 31 when he became only the third man in big-league history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same inning (and the first to do so with a grand slam included).

José Contreras also continues to hang around with this year’s lackluster edition of the Phillies while Yunel Escobar (Toronto) and Branyan Peña (Kansas City) have also been quietly productive as role players. On the negative side Yunieski Betancourt (recently demoted by the Royals to AAA Omaha) and Yunieski Maya (now a struggling AAA starter in Syracuse) have both largely faded from the scene.

On Opening Day back in April Yoennis Céspedes has the only 2012 Cuban-born rookie, but nine more experienced countrymen also graced big league rosters. The list included Yonder Alonso (San Diego), Alexei Ramírez and Dayan Viciedo (Chicago White Sox), Kendry Morales (Los Angeles Angles), José Contreras (Philadelphia Phillies), Yunieski Betancourt and Brayan Peña (Kansas City), Yunel Escobar (Toronto), and Aroldis Chapman (Cincinnati).

Several more have since climbed back into “The Show” – most notably veteran hurler Liván Hernández (now with the Milwaukee Brewers) and talented young outfielder Leonys Martin (who debuted late last season with the World Series-bound Texas Rangers).

Two mid-season rookies – Havana-born catcher Yasmani Grandal and native Santiago infielder Adieny Hechavarria – have also recently upped the all-time Cuban big-league count by an additional pair.

Hechavarria is the latest in a string of talented “defectors” who have abandoned the island circuit in hopeful pursuit of greater financial rewards in the top-level professional circuit.

Grandal, by contrast, left his native homeland as a pre-teenaged youngster and thus learned his baseball on the sandlots of Miami, starring first at Miami Springs High School and later with the tradition-rich University of Miami baseball program. He was a highly publicized first round (twelfth overall) 2010 draft pick of the National League Cincinnati Reds but was later moved to the San Diego Padres in a December 2011 multi-player transaction.

Hechavarria (age 23) is the most recent “defector” with any actual Cuban League playing experience to reach the majors. The versatile infield prospect played briefly for the Cuban national junior team in 2008 before defecting in Mexico a year later.

Livan Hernandez has pitched in over 500 MLB games and has 177 victories to his credit.

He earlier logged three seasons with the Santiago de Cuba club in the National Series, posting an overall .248 batting average (569 ABs) in mostly part-time action with the Avispas ball club. Hechavarria (pronounced He-cha-var-EE-a) appears under the name ADEINIS in the Cuban League record books, but the Toronto media has taken to spelling it as it might be enunciated in Cuba – with the dropping of the usually “silent” final letter s.

His debut as a fill-in third baseman and shortstop with the Blue Jays last week (August 4) has come on the heels of a breakout summer campaign with the Jays AAA affiliate in Las Vegas, where he posted a .312 batting mark in 102 games.

Since the outset of the 2001 season, 29 Cuban ballplayers have so far reached the majors, the largest dozen-year total since the decade of the sixties. Of this number, 21 owned previous top-level playing experience on their native island.

Less than a dozen, however, have ever boasted considerable achievements in the domestic Cuban League and only eight (Céspedes, Leonys Martin, Maya, Chapman, Alexei Ramírez, Kendry Morales, Contreras, and Danys Baez) appeared with the top echelon Cuban national squad.

Approximately a dozen other notable Cuban Leaguers are now laboring in either the North American minors or in the AAA Mexican League and a handful still possess at least reasonable possibilities of eventually tasting big league action.

Among these Yasel Puig is the most notable recent signee (having inked a July $42 million long-term contract with the LA Dodgers and now auditioning in the Arizona Rookie League), although flashy Boston-owned shortstop José Iglesias (currently at the plate with AAA Pawtucket) may still claim the brightest future.

Two high-price-tag pitchers on the other hand seem to be largely overvalued busts – southpaws Noel Argüelles (Kansas City) and Geraldo Concepción (Chicago Cubs) – so far have been anything but impressive with their current stratospheric minor league ERA numbers. Perhaps the most overlooked story this year on the Cuban big league scene has been the continued remarkable productivity of seemingly ageless hurler Liván Hernández. Now with his tenth big league club (twice with Washington) and in his sixteenth season, the robust right-hander continues to post numbers that only enhance his stature among the greatest of all Cuban big-league aces – including those from either the pre-revolution or post-revolution eras.

Liván recently climbed above the 500-game mark in big league appearances, thus reaching eighth place on the all-time Cuban list. And his 177 victories (against an equal number of losses) trail only Luis Tiant, Mike Cuéllar and Adolfo Luque while at the same time outstripping such giants from Cuba’s glorious past as Camilo Pascual and Pedro Ramos.

Liván has pitched with mediocre big league clubs most of his career and his victory total might stand well above the 200 mark if that had not been the case; he owns a mere seven full seasons where he registered a .500-plus winning percentage. As it is, his total of 354 career major league decisions is now the third most ever recorded by a Cuban big leaguer.

Liván wrote headlines at the outset of his career with a rookie-season 1997 World Series MVP trophy and he has been slowly but steadily writing his name into the MLB record books ever since.

Cuba’s Top Workhorse Big League Hurlers (Games Pitched)

Diego Seguí (639 in 15 seasons)
Pete Ramos (582 in 15 seasons)
Luis Tiant Jr. (573 in 19 seasons)
Tony Fossas (567 in 12 seasons)
Adolfo Luque (550 in 20 seasons)
Danys Baez (533 in 10 seasons)
Camilo Pascual (529 in 18 seasons)
Liván Hernández (506 in 16 seasons)

Cuba’s Top Workhorse Big League Hurlers (Decisions Earned)

Luis Tiant Jr. (401 with 229-172 record)
Adolfo Luque (373 with 194-179 record)
Liván Hernández (354 with 177-177 record)
Camilo Pascual (344, with 174-170 record)
Miguel Cuéllar (315 with 185-130 record)
Pete Ramos (277 with 117-160 record)
Diego Seguí (203 with 92-111 record)

Cuban Major Leaguers List (169 Cuban Major Leaguers updated on Aug. 13)

Key: Players with names in red font played in Cuba’s post-revolution National Series (are “defectors”) and players with names in blue font never played in either Cuba’s pre-revolution professional Winter League or in the post-revolution National Series (are Cubans by birth but not by baseball training).

Cuban BallplayersDebut Dates PositionsDebut TeamsDebut LeaguesSeasons (Games)
Pre-Twentieth Century1800s    
Enrique Esteban Bellán (1)1871 (5/9/1871) InfieldTroy HaymakersNational Association3 (60)
Pre-Revolution Period1911-1960    
Armando Marsans (2)1911 (7/4/1911) OutfieldCincinnati RedsNational League8 (655)
Rafael Almeida (3)1911 (7/4/1911) OutfieldCincinnati RedsNational League3 (102)
Miguel (Mike) González (4)1912 (9/28/1912) CatcherBoston BravesNational League19 (1042)
Merito (Baldomero) Acosta (5)1913 (6/15/1913) OutfieldWashington SenatorsNational League5 (180)
Jacinto (Jack) Calvo (6)1913 (9/5/1913) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League2 (34)
Angel (Pete) Aragón (7)1914 (8/20/1914) InfieldNew York YankeesAmerican League3 (32)
Adolfo (Dolf) Luque (8)1914 (5/20/1914) RHPBoston BravesNational League20 (550)
Manolo (Manuel) Cueto (9)1914 (6/25/1914) OutfieldCincinnati RedsNational League3 (151)
Emilio (Pal) Palmero (10)1915 (9/21/1915) RHPNew York GiantsNational League4 (41)
Joseito Rodríguez (11)1916 (10/5/1916) InfieldNew York GiantsNational League5 (58)
Oscar Tuero (12)1918 (5/30/1918) RHPSt. Louis CardinalsNational League3 (58)
Eusebio González (13)1918 (7/26/1918) SSBoston Red SoxAmerican League1 (3)
Ricardo Torres (14)1920 (5/18/1920) CatcherWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (22)
José Acosta (15)1920 (7/28/1920) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (55)
Pedro Dibut (16)1924 (5/1/1924) RHPCincinnati RedsNational League2 (8)
Ramón (Mike) Herrera (17)1925 (9/22/1925) InfieldBoston Red SoxAmerican League2 (84)
Oscar Estrada (18)1929 (4/21/1929) LHPSt. Louis BrownsAmerican League1 (1)
Roberto (Tarzan) Estalella (19)1935 (9/7/1935) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League8 (680)
Fermín (Mike) Guerra (20)1937 (9/19/1937) CatcherWashington SenatorsAmerican League9 (565)
René Monteagudo (21)1938 (9/6/1938) LHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (46)
Gilberto Torres (22)1940 (4/25/1940) InfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League4 (44)
Jack (Angel) Aragón (23)1941 (8/13/1941) Pinch RunnerNew York GiantsNational League1 (1)
Roberto (Bobby) Ortíz (24)1941 (9/6/1941) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League6 (213)
Chico (Sal) Hernández (25)1942 (4/16/1942) CatcherChicago CubsNational League2 (90)
Napoleón (Nap) Reyes (26)1943 (5/19/1943) InfieldNew York GiantsNational League4 (279)
Mosquito Ordeñana (27)1943 (10/3/1943) SSPittsburgh PiratesNational League1 (1)
Tomás (Tommy) de la Cruz (28)1944 (4/20/1944) RHPCincinnati RedsNational League1 (34)
Santiago (Carlos) Ullrich (29)1944 (5/3/1944) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League2 (31)
Rogelio (Roy) Valdés (30)1944 (5/3/1944) Pinch HitterWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (1)
Preston (Pedro) Gómez (31)1944 (5/5/1944) InfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (8)
Luis Suarez (32)1944 (5/28/1944) Third BaseWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (1)
Baby (Oliverio) Ortíz (33)1944 (9/23/1944) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (2)
José Zardón (34)1945 (4/18/1945) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (54)
Jorge Comellas (35)1945 (4/19/1945) RHPChicago CubsNational League1 (7)
Armando Roche (36)1945 (5/10/1945) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (2)
Isidoro (Sid) Léon (37)1945 (6/21/1945) RHPPhiladelphia PhilliesNational League1 (14)
Adrian Zabala (38)1945 (8/11/1945) LHPNew York GiantsNational League2 (26)
Regino (Reggie) Otero (39)1945 (9/2/1945) First BaseChicago CubsNational League1 (14)
Moín (Ramón) García (40)1948 (4/19/1948) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (4)
Angel Fleitas (41)1948 (7/5/1948) SSWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (15)
Julio (Enríque) González (42)1949 (8/9/1949) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (13)
Orestes (Minnie) Miñoso (43)1949 (4/9/1949) OutfieldCleveland IndiansAmerican League17 (1835)
Luis (Witto) Aloma (44)1950 (4/19/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League4 (116)
Conrado (Connie) Marrero (45)1950 (4/21/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League5 (118)
Sandalio (Sandy) Consuegra (46)1950 (2/2/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League8 (248)
Rogelio (Limonar) Martínez (47)1950 (2/2/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (2)
Julio (Jiqui) Moreno (48)1950 (2/2/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League4 (73)
Carlos Pascual (49)1950 (2/2/1950) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (2)
Rafael (Ray) Noble (50)1951 (2/2/1951) CatcherNew York GiantsNational League3 (107)
Willy (Guillermo) Miranda (51)1951 (5/6/1951) SSWashington SenatorsAmerican League9 (824)
Francisco (Cisco) Campos (52)1951 (9/11/1951) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (71)
Héctor Rodríguez (53)1952 (4/15/1952) Third BaseChicago White SoxAmerican League1 (124)
Raúl Sánchez (54)1952 (4/17/1952) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (49)
Edmundo (Sandy) Amorós (55)1952 (8/22/1952) OutfieldBrooklyn DodgersNational League7 (517)
Miguel (Mike) Fornieles (56)1952 (9/2/1952) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League12 (432)
Camilo Pascual (57)1954 (4/15/1954) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League18 (529)
Carlos Paula (58)1954 (9/6/1954) OutfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League3 (157)
Pedro (Pete) Ramos (59)1955 (4/11/1955) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League15 (582)
Roman Mejías (60)1955 (4/13/1955) OutfieldPittsburgh PiratesNational League9 (627)
Vince (Wenceslao) González (61)1955 (4/13/1955) LHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (2)
Juan Delís (62)1955 (4/16/1955) Third BaseWashington SenatorsAmerican League1 (54)
Vicente Amor (63)1955 (4/16/1955) RHPChicago CubsNational League2 (13)
Lino Donoso (64)1955 (6/18/1955) LHPPittsburgh PiratesNational League2 (28)
José (Joe) Valdivielso (65)1955 (6/21/1955) SSWashington SenatorsAmerican League5 (401)
Julio Bécquer (66)1955 (9/13/1955) First BaseWashington SenatorsAmerican League7 (488)
Lázaro (Cholly) Naranjo (67)1956 (7/8/1956) RHPPittsburgh PiratesNational League1 (17)
Chico (Humberto) Fernández (68)1956 (7/14/1956) SSBrooklyn DodgersNational League8 (856)
Evelio Hernández (69)1956 (9/12/1956) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League2 (18)
René Valdez (70)1957 (4/21/1957) RHPBrooklyn DodgersNational League1 (5)
Tony (Antonio) Taylor (71)1958 (4/15/1958) InfieldChicago CubsNational League19 (2195)
Panchón (Juan) Herrera (72)1958 (4/15/1958) First BasePhiladelphia PhilliesNational League3 (300)
Fernando (Freddie) Rodríguez (73)1958 (4/18/1958) RHPChicago CubsNational League2 (8)
Osvaldo (Ossie) Alvarez (74)1958 (4/19/1958) InfieldWashington SenatorsAmerican League2 (95)
Daniel (Dan) Morejón (75)1958 (7/11/1958) OutfieldCincinnati RedsNational League1 (12)
Orlando Peña (76)1958 (8/24/1958) RHPCincinnati RedsNational League18 (427)
Rodolfo (Rudy) Arias (77)1959 (4/10/1959) LHPChicago White SoxAmerican League1 (34)
Miguel (Mike) Cuéllar (78)1959 (4/18/1959) LHPCincinnati RedsNational League15 (453)
Zoilo (Zorro) Versalles (79)1959 (8/1/1959) SSWashington SenatorsAmerican League13 (1400)
Tony (Antonio) González (80)1960 (4/12/1960) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League12 (1559)
Eduardo (Ed) Bauta (81)1960 (7/6/1960) RHPSt. Louis CardinalsNational League5 (97)
Miguel (Mike) de la Hoz (82)1960 (7/22/1960) InfieldCleveland IndiansAmerican League9 (494)
Leo (Leonardo) Cárdenas (83)1960 (7/25/1960) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League16 (1941)
Joe (Joaquin) Azcue (84)1960 (8/3/1960) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League11 (909)
Borrego (Rogelio) Alvarez (85)1960 (9/18/1960) First BaseCincinnati RedsNational League2 (17)
Leo (Leopoldo) Posada (86)1960 (9/21/1960) OutfieldKansas City AthleticsAmerican League3 (155)
Héctor Maestri (87)1960 (9/24/1960) RHPWashington SenatorsAmerican League2 (2)
Post-Revolution Period1961-2011    
Berto (Dagoberto) Cueto (88)1961 (6/18/1961) RHPMinnesota TwinsAmerican League1 (7)
Manuel (Manny) Montejo (89)1961 (7/25/1961) RHPDetroit TigersAmerican League1 (12)
Orlando McFarlane (90)1962 (4/3/1962) CatcherPittsburgh PiratesNational League5 (124)
Octavio (Cookie) Rojas (91)1962 (4/10/1962) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League16 (1822)
José Tartabull (92)1962 (4/10/1962) OutfieldKansas City AthleticsAmerican League9 (749)
Diego Seguí (93)1962 (4/12/1962) RHPKansas City AthleticsAmerican League16 (639)
Marty (Orlando) Martínez (94)1962 (5/2/1962) InfieldMinnesota TwinsAmerican League7 (436)
Héctor (Rodolfo) Martínez (95)1962 (9/3/1962) OutfieldKansas City AthleticsAmerican League2 (7)
Tony (Pedro) Oliva (96)1962 (9/9/1962) OutfieldMinnesota TwinsAmerican League18 (2017)
Tony (Gabriel) Martínez (97)1963 (4/9/1963) InfieldCleveland IndiansAmerican League4 (73)
José Cardenal (98)1963 (4/14/1963) InfieldSan Francisco GiantsNational League18 (2017)
Marcelino López (99)1963 (4/14/1963) LHPPhiladelphia PhilliesNational League8 (171)
Aurelio Monteagudo (100)1963 (9/1/1963) RHPKansas City AthleticsAmerican League7 (72)
Chico (Hiraldo) Ruiz (101)1964 (4/13/1964) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League8 (565)
Luis Tiant Jr. (102)1964 (7/19/1964) RHPCleveland IndiansAmerican League19 (573)
Dagoberto Campaneris (103)1964 (7/23/1964) InfieldKansas City AthleticsAmerican League20 (2328)
Tony (Atanasio) Pérez (104)1964 (7/26/ 1964) InfieldCincinnati RedsNational League23 (2777)
Sandy (Hilario) Valdespino (105)1965 (4/12/1965) OutfieldMinnesota TwinsAmerican League7 (382)
Tito (Rigoberto) Fuentes (106)1965 (8/18/1965) OutfieldSan Francisco GiantsNational League13 (1499)
Jackie (Jacinto) Hernández (107)1965 (9/14/1965) SSCalifornia AngelsAmerican League9 (618)
Paul (Paulino) Casanova (108)1965 (9/18/1965) CatcherWashington SenatorsAmerican League10 (859)
Minnie (Minervino) Rojas (109)1966 (5/30/1966) RHPCalifornia AngelsAmerican League3 (157)
José Ramón López (110)1966 (8/21/1966) RHPCalifornia AngelsAmerican League1 (4)
Hank (Enrique) Izquierdo (111)1967 (8/9i/1967) CatcherMinnesota TwinsAmerican League1 (16)
George (Jorge) Lauzerique (112)1967 (9/17/1967) RHPKansas City AthleticsAmerican League4 (34)
José Arcia (113)1968 (4/10/1968) InfieldChicago CubsNational League3 (293)
Chico (Lorenzo) Fernández (114)1968 (4/20/1968) InfieldBaltimore OriolesAmerican League1 (24)
José Martínez (115)1969 (6/18/1969) InfieldPittsburgh PiratesNational League2 (96)
Minnie (Berto) Mendoza (116)1970 (4/9/1970) InfieldMinnesota twinsAmerican League1 (16)
Oscar Zamora (117)1974 (6/18/1974) RHPChicago CubsNational League4 (158)
Orlando González (118)1976 (6/7/1976) First BaseCleveland IndiansAmerican League3 (79)
Bobby (Roberto) Ramos (119)1978 (9/26/1978) CatcherMontreal ExposNational League6 (103)
Leo (Leonardo) Sutherland (120)1980 (8/11/1980) OutfieldChicago White SoxAmerican League2 (45)
Bárbaro Garbéy (121)1984 (4/3/1984) OutfieldDetroit TigersAmerican League3 (226)
José Canseco (122)1985 (9/2/1985) OutfieldOakland AthleticsAmerican League17 (1887)
Rafael Palmeiro (123)1986 (9/8/1986) First BaseChicago CubsNational League20 (2831)
Orestes Destrade (124)1987 (9/11/1987) First BaseNew York YankeesAmerican League4 (237)
Nelson Santovenia (125)1987 (9/16/1987) CatcherMontreal ExposNational League7 (297)
Tony (Emilio) Fossas (126)1988 (5/15/1988) LHPTexas RangersAmerican League12 (567)
Israel Sánchez (127)1988 (7/7/1988) LHPKansas City RoyalsAmerican League2(30)
Ozzie Canseco (128)1990 (7/18/1990) OutfieldOakland AthleticsAmerican League3 (24)
Tony Menéndez (129)1992 (6/22/1992) RHPCincinnati RedsNational League3 (23)
René Arocha (130)1993 (4/9/1993) RHPSt. Louis CardinalsNational League5 (124)
Ariel Prieto(131)1995 (7/2/1995) RHPOakland AthleticsAmerican League5 (67)
Rey Ordóñez (132)1996 (4/1/1996) SSNew York MetsNational League9 (973)
Osvaldo Fernández (133)1996 (4/5/1996) RHPSan Francisco GiantsNational League7 (76)
Eisler (Liván) Hernández (134)1996 (9/24/1996) RHPFlorida MarlinsNational League16 (506)
Elieser (Eli) Marrero (135)1997 (9/3/1997) CatcherSt. Louis CardinalsNational League10 (724)
Rolando Arrojo (136)1998 (4/1/1998) RHPTampa Bay RaysAmerican League5 (158)
Orlando (Duque) Hernández (137)1998 (6/3/1998) RHPNew York YankeesAmerican League9 (219)
Vladimir Núñez (138)1998 (9/11/1998) RHPArizona DiamondbacksNational League9 (254)
Michael Tejera (139)1999 (9/8/1999) LHPFlorida MarlinsNational League5 (111)
Jorge Toca (140)1999 (9/12/1999) InfieldNew York MetsNational League3 (25)
Adrian Hernández (141)2001 (4/21/2001) RHPNew York YankeesAmerican League3 (14)
Danys Báez (142)2001 (5/13/2001) RHPCleveland IndiansAmerican League10 (533)
Edilberto (Eddie) Oropeza (143)2001 (4/2/2001) LHPPhiladelphia PhilliesNational League4 (125)
Alex Sánchez (144)2001 (6/15/2001) OutfieldMilwaukee BrewersNational League5 (427)
Bill Ortega (145)2001 (9/7/2001) OutfieldSt. Louis CardinalsNational League1 (5)
Hanzel Izquierdo (146)2002 (4/21/2002) RHPFlorida MarlinsNational League1 (20)
Juan Díaz (147)2002 (6/12/2002) First BaseBoston Red SoxNational League1 (4)
José Ariel Contreras (148)2003 (3/31/2003) RHPNew York YankeesAmerican League10 (292)
Michel Hernández (149)2003 (9/6/2003) CatcherNew York YankeesAmerican League3 (45)
Branyan Peña (150)2005 (5/23/2005) CatcherAtlanta BravesNational League8 (318)
Yuniesky Betancourt (151)2005 (7/8/2005) SSSeattle MarinersAmerican League8 (1019)
Kendry Morales (152)2006 (5/23/2006) First BaseAnaheim AngelsAmerican League6 (424)
Yunel Escobar (153)2007 (6/2/2007) SSAtlanta BravesNational League6 (746)
Alexei Ramírez (154)2008 (3/31/2008) InfieldChicago White SoxAmerican League5 (708)
Alberto Castillo (155)2008 (4/28/2008) LHPBaltimore OriolesAmerican League4 (74)
Francisley Bueno (156)2008 (8/13/2008) RHPAtlanta BravesNational League2 (5)
Juan Miranda (157)2008 (9/18/2008) First BaseNew York YankeesAmerican League4 (111)
Bárbaro Cañizares (158)2009 (6/11/2009) InfieldAtlanta BravesNational League1 (5)
Raúl Valdés (159)2010 (4/11/2010) LHPNew York MetsNational League2 (45)
Dayan Viciedo (160)2010 (6/20/2010) InfieldChicago White SoxAmerican League3 (172)
Aroldis Chapman (161)2010 (8/31/2010) LHPCincinnati RedsNational League3 (122)
Yonder Alonso (162)2010 (9/1/2010) OutfieldCincinnati RedsNational League3 (179)
Yunieski Maya (163)2010 (9/7/2010) RHPWashington NationalsNational League2 (15)
José Iglesias (164)2011 (5/8/2011) SSBoston Red SoxAmerican League1 (10)
Amaury Sanit (165)2011 (5/12/2011) RHPNew York YankeesAmerican League1 (4)
Leonys Martin (166)2011 (9/2/2011) OutfieldTexas RangersAmerican League2 (23)
Yoennis Céspedes (167)2012 (3/28/2012) OutfieldOakland AthleticsAmerican League1 (81)
Yasmani Grandal (168)2012 (6/2/2012) CatcherSan Diego PadresNational League1 (24)
Adieny Hechavarria (169)2012 (8/4/2012) InfieldToronto Blue JaysAmerican League1 (7)

(*) Peter Bjarkman is author of A History of Cuban Baseball, 1864-2006 (McFarland, 2007) and is widely recognized as a leading authority on Cuban baseball, past and present. He has reported on Cuban League action and the Cuban national team as senior writer for during the past five-plus years and is currently writing a book on the history of Cuba’s post-revolution national team.


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