Daniel Ortega Spews Hate against his Political Prisoners

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo celebrate their “victory”, considered an “electoral farce” by many countries. Photo: El 19 Digital 

He calls prisoners of conscience “SOBs of imperialism” and calls European governments that do not recognize his election “fascists”

By Confidencial

During the celebration event for the reelection, in a process without political competition, Daniel Ortega devoted an hour and a half to attacking the international community in a long speech on radio and television. He focused mainly on the European Union and the United States, whom he called “fascists” and “Nazi’s” for their condemnation and rejection of the voting on Sunday, November 7. 

As of Monday, 38 countries have denied the legitimacy of the elections that assigned Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo 75.92% of the votes, in the midst of a process characterized by a high level of abstention. The citizen observatory Urnas Abiertas, said the abstention reached up to 81.5 %.

During his speech, Ortega called the political prisoners, jailed to eliminate any electoral competition and include seven aspiring presidential candidates, “sons of bitches of the imperialists” in addition to his usual epithets of “traitors” and “sellouts.” 

“Just as President (Franklin D.) Roosevelt said that ‘Somoza is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch’, in other words, those who are imprisoned here are the sons of bitches of the Yankee imperialists. They should take them to the United States, because they are not Nicaraguans, they have no homeland, so that they can do what they know best there, be slaves of the empire, traitors of the homeland,” shouted Ortega amid the applause of his followers. 

Among the prisoners of conscience are opposition presidential aspirants Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastian Chamorro, Medardo Mairena, Miguel Mora and Noel Vidaurre, accused of conspiracy against national sovereignty and money laundering.

The last Cid Gallup poll conducted in October, hired by CONFIDENCIAL, revealed that any of the seven imprisoned candidates would have beaten Ortega in free elections, obtaining 65% against 17% of the votes for Ortega. 

During the event, the ruler was accompanied on his stage by the high command of the Nicaraguan Army and Police, as well as diplomatic representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the Russian Federation.

“Here in Nicaragua, while Sandino was struggling, the Yankees organized elections at the request of the sellouts, of the traitors, like those who are in jail. With a Supreme Electoral Council managed by gringo officials. That was a disgrace, and the traitors accepted the results. That is what they wanted for these elections”, alleged Ortega.

Attacks on the US and the European Union

Throughout the electoral context, Ortega has imprisoned 39 new political prisoners, including presidential hopefuls, political and civic leaders, businessmen, peasant and student leaders and journalists. In addition, he is holding another 113 political prisoners hostage for their participation in the April 2018 citizen protests.

US President Joe Biden, declared that the elections in Nicaragua were “a pantomime, neither free, nor fair, and certainly not democratic.” He warned that he will use “all diplomatic and economic tools” at his disposal including the Renacer law, to expand the pressure towards the Orteguista regime. 

Ortega insisted, “Imagine, Nicaragua is considered a threat to the security of the United States, with all the tools to continue harassing, applying what they call sanctions (…) They speak with their fist,” Ortega insisted. 

For its part, the European Union stated that the reelection of Daniel Ortega lacks “legitimacy” since the elections were held “without democratic guarantees” and completes the transformation of the country into an “autocratic regime”. 

Accuses European rulers of being “fascists and Nazis”

Ortega attacked Spain and the European Union, claiming that their governments are controlled by fascist and Nazi operators, which always maintain what he calls a “colonialist mentality.” 

“We have seen the recurrence of a majority of fascist and Nazi parliamentarians in what is known today as the European Union. That is the democracy that Europe has. They are governing in the majority of the countries and the European Parliament, where also the majority of its members are fascists and Nazis,” Ortega said. 

“That is why there is so much hatred for the peoples who fight for our independence, for our sovereignty. That is why there is so much hatred against Cuba, against Venezuela, and Bolivia. They always feel that these peoples continue to rebel and break the chains of colonialism,” he continued. 

Precisely, so far, the only three countries in the Americas that have recognized the voting results and congratulated Ortega and Murillo for their electoral triumph have been Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Ortega also greeted the electoral guests who came to support his voting process, and justified that the international press was prohibited entry to the country to cover these irregular elections by alleging that they are “employees of the US intelligence agencies.” 

Finally, the ruler demanded that the international community recognize the results of the voting process. “We insist that we are committed to peace. The people turned out to vote for peace. We demand from the powers that are constantly threatening us… we want good relations, relations of respect”. 

The celebration event later turned into a concert celebrating the voting results, with music, dancers, and drones. Even Ortega himself got down from his podium to greet, take selfies and dance with the members of the musical groups that interspersed songs praising his image.

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